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October - 2014 Issue
5 Most Promising Biometric Solution Providers
Biometrics is coming of age to provide a security layer to enterprises and Government organizations. A testimony to the fact is the UIDAI project which is the most comprehensive Biometric implementation in India, both in volume and value terms, being worth US$3.33 Billion. more>>

Cover Story

Data investment has become one of the most pragmatic decisions of these times, fetching manifold returns compared to any other... more>>

Company of the month: BI

Today, development of applications involves dealing with a plethora of challenges with respect to devices, platforms and operating systems. more>>

Company of the Month: Enterprise Software

Exchange of structured electronic documents such as Invoice or purchase order with suppliers has been a lucrative proposition for the... more>>

Company of the Month: Storage

One of the key concerns in a Disaster Recovery deployment today is with respect to the Recovery Point Objective (RPO); and ease of... more>>

20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers-2014

Big Consulting Firms provide bespoke diagnoses and judgment-based Analytics in an engagement that is very expensive and time-consuming.... more>>
With the plethora of information and tools that are available today, many companies are struggling to find the right way to get... more>>
Sometimes organizations perceive information as knowledge and take business decisions based on the facts available to them. more>>
Analytics has found its application in every domain of industry and it has become a key factor which enables decision making. In the... more>>
With the advent of social media and mobile applications, organizations are starting to grapple with huge volumes of data set,... more>>
Deflytics Software, based in Mumbai, is a provider of BI & Analytic software and services to design, develop, configure, deploy and... more>>
D&B Technologies and Data Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE:DNB) and D&B South Asia, Middle East(DBSAME)... more>>
ElegantJ BI CEO, Kartik Patel says that customer demands are changing rapidly and, BI vendors must provide data discovery as well as data... more>>
From manufacturers looking to obtain actionable insights in order to streamline production, reduce time-to-market and increase product... more>>
According to Gartner Inc,the market for business intelligence (BI) platforms in Asia Pacific is expected to grow 7.4 percent to reach... more>>
Many unseen devices and applications are being used today by employees, agents and customers. To effectively regulate the interactions of... more>>
Today, many organizations bent on putting their data to use to gain insights of businesses. Despite of identifying and mapping... more>>
Implementing agile Business Intelligence solutions can be intimidating for organizations and their CIOs. Lack of data governance,... more>>
Increasing complexity, rapid change and the escalating risks are today compelling organizations to evaluate computerized decision support... more>>
Continuous performance is not merely about measuring and monitoring; it also concerns anticipation and action. Adept performance... more>>
When it comes to analytics, businesses value speed and flexibility. They want information quickly and need it to be adaptable. There are... more>>
Today, analytics and business intelligence consumers are looking for solutions which mould data access and data analysis into a... more>>
Delivery channels have changed, technology is changing behaviors and data is expanding the possibilities of marketing. How we engage... more>>