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Data investment has become one of the most pragmatic decisions of these times, fetching manifold returns compared to any other application investment. However, many CIOs and IT heads today recognize that the knowledge that can be gained from data exceeds the prominence of storage of data itself. It is in this intricate understanding of deriving order from the deluge of data where Data Semantics, headquartered in Bangalore, finds its tenacity. Having started operations in 2012, the company has quickly grown to become a leading name mainly in the fields of Business Intelligence, Analytics, Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Mobility and GRC for large enterprises.

By partnering with customers in the journey towards making the right investment in data, Data Semantics functions with the core mantra of “Better Insights, Smarter Decisions.” While other vendors often face budget constraints with clients, Data Semantics rides the wave instead of swimming against the tide by leveraging customers’ existing investments and simultaneously providing incremental strategic steps towards their future growth.

“Our solutions directly translate into revenue or significant cost savings for businesses. We have helped our customers gain meaningful insights that enable informed decision-making.”, says Sujith Varghese, CEO of Data Semantics.

Mobile BI services that Work
With the evolution of BYOD securing data (confidential and public) and managing user authentication has become one of the top organizational concerns with respect to mobile application platforms today. Although mobile devices have always held data either in the form of emails or applications that customers use on devices, the mindset of organizations has changed rapidly with development of mobile device management techniques like App PIN based access, App Block, or Remote Wipe Outs which serve as a great advantage for customers. “The entire suite of partner products we promote, recommend and implement are compliant with enterprise grade security capabilities to empower customer’s employees towards a seamless native experience while keeping security at most priority.”, assures Sujith.

End user experience for consuming information on mobile devices is generally poor. The problem gets magnified considering the multitude of mobile devices and form factors. Data Semantics has successfully overcome these challenges for some of the leading global Telcos, FMCGs and Hi-tech corporations by leveraging innovative product offerings from companies such as Roambi, who are at the forefront of Mobile BI revolution.

However in the bigger picture, to manage the growing volumes there are still inconsistencies in enterprise information systems and master data. Data Semantics is unique in terms of its core competencies that include Data Scientists, domain experts and visualization experts in addition to the industry experience in BI implementations. “We have the skill sets and capability to leverage any popular BI Product available in the market be it Microsoft BI, IBM Cognos, SAP BO, Oracle BI, Tableau, Qlikview and Roambi among others,” points out Sujith.

Success Stories
Data Semantics has been working closely with a leading International University, SA, to enable their Student Compliance from the Admission stage through to Graduation, in addition to Alumni engagement. The Business Intelligence and Analytics implementation have now empowered the University Administrators across faculties, departments and about 10,000 enrolled students. Prior to the University commissioning Data Semantics, the departmental and student information availability was in silos putting the University Administrators under pressure. The Administrators now get real time information and have better insights about each student. This is helping the University in delivering superior Student Experience and improved performance overall. The Data Semantics CEO Sujith thinks it was made possible only because Data Semantics could see Analytics beyond traditional Business Intelligence Implementations.

Further, Data Semantics has been engaged by leading Indian and Global FMCG, Telecom, Healthcare, Hi-Tech sectors in the Mobile Analytics and Reporting space. Data Semantics has implemented Mobile Reporting solutions for the Top Management, Field Sales force and Distributors get up to minute information and alerts on their mobile devices. Data Semantics sees a surge in Mobile Analytics requirements across all sectors.

BI comes Full Circle
Encompassing the entire spectrum of services ranging from Foundation/Initial Setup Services, Application Design & Development and Enterprise Architecture Services, Data Semantics ensures that the BI implementation it provides comes full circle from start to finish. The path towards a successful implementation starts in two parts, first, by laying out a proper blueprint for the project in the most suitable scenario for the technical and the business environments of the organization, and second, by supporting project teams with the required training and best practices.

Data Semantics builds its blueprints keeping closely in mind, the budget and the complexity of the respective enterprises or SMBs in question. For complex implementations that require a more than basic approach, the company’s Application Design & Development services team works towards highlighting the intricacies in the realms of connectivity, design, development and extra attributes that other vendors usually tend to miss out on.

“While most BI implementations are executed by System Integrators or in-house technical staff, often simple issues are kept aside during the initial stages and the procedure becomes difficult to re-engineer or re-implement during the later stages. For example, different considerations for a project beforehand might include the different user types, consumption modes, mobile or desktop usages and the speed of data transfers. Our Consulting Services team can guide larger, enterprise deployments to ensure initial and ongoing success. We bring deep enterprise expertise and work alongside our customers to address the most challenging project requirements keeping it simple,” points out Sujith.

Moving forward, by partnering with some of the most respectable names in BI today, and with the right combination of talent and passion to deploy solutions, Data Semantics hopes to continue its success streak with the same rigor and finesse that the team has been working with since its inception. Judging by the prominence given to quality, attention to detail and dedication towards implementation and services, Data Semantics continues to grow and see itself as a global leader in the field of Business Analytics and Optimization services.