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November - 2014 Issue
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Be it a terrorist attack or a virus attack on servers and networks, big or small, natural or man-made; a disaster can result in monetary losses, legal ramifications, loss of customer’s confidence and in some extreme cases, the company's existence too. more>>

In My Opinion

Imagine a scenario where you own a car which readies itself as per your calendar schedules with climate settings and knows exactly where... more>>

Company of the Month

The increasing significance of digital identity has taken the process of authentication to a level where the concerns for identification... more>>
Softlink develops innovative & superior technology products & solutions for international logistics & trade industry. more>>

Product of the Month

With each passing year, the security technologies covering the intricate networking areas in an organization are becoming ineffective at... more>>

10 Most Promising Disaster Recovery Solution Providers 2014

The Global Disaster Recovery Services market is growing at a CAGR of more than 11 percent. One of the key factors contributing to this... more>>
With the advent of Internet, businesses and organizations have been able to impeccably share and acquire information and data from... more>>
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans have become imperative today in order to ensure sustainability of a business as well as... more>>
Till recently, DR was considered an expensive investment and hence only large enterprises would opt for it. Many enterprises still think... more>>
There is a growing concern among Indian enterprises about adopting Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning to ensure business... more>>

20 Most Promising Engineering Design Services Companies

The swift pace of technological advancements has greatly diminished the barrier of time-to-market for error-free superior products. more>>
Manufacturers today are faced with the need to bring complex products to market at a faster rate. more>>
The detailed and efficient design and engineering process has a strong impact on the overall manufacturing project cost. There is immense... more>>
India being an unorganized and scattered market place has a huge problem of synchronization between various services. This makes the... more>>
A product does not stand the test of market only on the basis of its specifications. Along with features even the aesthetics of a product... more>>
In today’s fast paced world coupled with technological advancements, it has become difficult for manufacturing companies to stay ahead... more>>
With increased maturity in predicting physics, simulation is now widely accepted as a way of testing the product before a physical... more>>
The momentum with which technology is shifting has created a swirl across several industries. The mechanical manufacturing industry is... more>>
The detailed and efficient design and engineering process has a strong impact on the overall manufacturing project cost. There is immense... more>>
During 2004, the Indian retail industry was moving from being largely unorganized to increasingly organized. The established companies... more>>
Automotive manufacturing engineering industry operations has become extremely complex because of sophisticated technologies. Over the... more>>
To achieve operational excellence in engineering and manufacturing environment, alignment among various processes such as manufacturing,... more>>
In the current scenario, organizations are constantly looking to strategically reduce costs or improve organizational productivity and... more>>
The market for Engineering Design Tools (EDT) for plants and infrastructure continues to be strong globally. Projects in both plants and... more>>
Technical writing earlier required people to create lengthy manuals that were not read by anybody. But things have changed now; content... more>>
A couple of decades ago most of the Indian manufacturing and engineering industry operated manually, with absolutely no automation.... more>>

5 Most Promising Biometric Solution Providers

Biometrics is coming of age to provide a security layer to enterprises and Government organizations. A testimony to the fact is the UIDAI... more>>
According to Transparency Market Research, the global biometrics market is thriving and it is predicted to reach $23.3 billion in... more>>
Biometrics has come of age and it is providing a security layer to enterprises and government organizations. more>>
Biometrics as a concept has been around for quite some time now but today it is gaining momentum as a mainstream technology for... more>>


For many companies subject to government and industry regulatory requirements, what was once simply good business practice are now... more>>