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Wrench Solutions: Providing a Truly Comprehensive, High-Value Solution


A couple of decades ago most of the Indian manufacturing and engineering industry operated manually, with absolutely no automation. However, a few big players employed solution to automate their operations. These solutions were not Indian and were thus incapable of handling the intricacies of the Indian industry. This shortcoming proved to be an opportunity for Varghese Daniel, MD, Wrench solutions who decided to build a company that would provide niche software solutions to the then-fledgling market of automated engineering design and drawing. “I saw this opportunity and incorporated my knowledge of AutoCAD to develop solutions that would help the engineering industry move to automation. So I personally began to develop applications to help companies automate,” says Varghese. Founded in 1994, the company is a global provider of information technology solutions to engineering and construction companies. The company has today grown manifolds and the single product Wrench has gradually spun off into a series of products that address specific verticals.

Addressing the Industry’s Requirements
The manufacturing engineering industry is ideally concept driven. Once the concept for building a product is ready, it must be converted into a design. However, designing is a multidisciplinary business and involves people from different departments. There is thus, a need to be collaborate to finish work in a specific duration. But today most of the industries operate manually which results in a huge amount of unproductive time.
“As we roped in customers and got close to them, I began to understand their requirements and their actual needs,” narrates Varghese. Taking these inputs from their customers, the company decided to build products so that it could be sold to multiple customers. The company has a single product, which is also called as Wrench that is developed to address several verticals. “The product remains exactly the same but the only thing that we have done is pre-configured the configuration based on the best practices,” explains Varghese about their company’s product.

Stand Out Factors
Most applications that are present in the market focus only on information exchange or data exchange and collaboration. But the product developed by Wrench has both, data exchange and also a real time progress measurement or real time status capture. Real time status capture becomes necessary since data centralized doesn’t completely suffice, and it is important for every party to share their information on time. The company also does collaborative engineering along with project monitoring ability. Here, monitoring happens in the background and is visible to the person who manages or the person dependent on a certain process. Another major USP of the product is the required implementation time.
Owing to the company’s superior technology, it has amassed a list of prestigious clients including Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, DRDO, TIDC Murugappa group, BHEL and several others. With the future being in cloud and mobile devices the company is aggressively moving towards it. The cloud system especially is very alluring as there is no capital investment for the hardware and the company can go right ahead with implementation.