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July - 2015 Issue
Cover Story
CIOs today face the challenge of proving the value proposition of IT infrastructure to business and in order to do so they are looking to foster business agility and bring down the exorbitant costs of maintenance and administration. more>>


The convergence of Cloud, mobile, social and Big Data are dramatically altering the eco-system in which businesses operate. more>>

20 Most Promising Storage Implementation Partners 2015

Cloud computing has now emerged as an important solution for enterprises looking to ease their computing needs and accomplish business... more>>
He and his team always believe in understanding needs of customers from the current and future perspectives to address application and... more>>
Data management, data retention, migration of data and surging operational costs are among major concerns for enterprises now. more>>
In today’s rapidly evolving competitive business environment, New Delhi based Tech9labs offers customized storage solutions with... more>>

CIO Insights

With the proliferation of any new technology the CIO’s watch-list for trends impacting his organizThe Internet of Things (IoT) brings... more>>
One need not be a business genius to realize how digital technology is radically changing the way the world regards the role of a CIO. more>>
Transforming the access and discovery of the digital library resources involves making the digital content easily accessible through a... more>>

CXO Viewpoint

To set the context, let's contrast the digital world and physical world from a data perspective. more>>
BFSI sector faces more number of frauds than any other industry, particularly, for the financial services companies and even government... more>>

View Point

The above challenges are driving new opportunities - algorithms, efficient hardware, and commoditization of RAM, new ways to visualize... more>>
Mobile Radios like Kan Khajura Tesan are based on the same principle, wherein the user can simply give a Missed Call to a number, and... more>>
At a time when organizations are trying to save every dollar on investments, it is important to ensure that IT systems are running... more>>

Company Spotlight

Ashutosh Pancholi, owner of Ashutosh Data Products helps walk the novice and skilled professionals through the data management system... more>>


Although there is extensive usage of the three Vs of Volume, Variety and Velocity as a basis for defining big data for over a decade,... more>>