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Tech9Labs: Multi-vendor Storage Solution Specialist for Enhanced Business Continuity


Adopting new storage solution in different environment requires the right set of skills and experience to avoid risks and downtime. Not all IT vendors deploy effective storage solutions as they struggle to keep pace with dynamic changes around big data and analytics. Additionally, providing Data Migration, Storage Virtualization, Storage Consolidation, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions are among those challenging tasks that IT vendors face while selecting & installing storage solutions.

In today’s rapidly evolving competitive business environment, New Delhi based Tech9labs offers customized storage solutions with consulting approach focused on advanced technologies to heterogeneous verticals. With specialists onboard, Tech9labs consults enterprises to assess, architect, deploy and manage multi-vendor solutions of IBM, NetApp, EMC, VMware, Dell, Cisco and Microsoft.

“Our specializations include Enterprise Servers & Storage Solutions; Infrastructure Consolidation; Cloud; Virtualization across Servers, Desktops, Network and Storage; Business Continuity; Data Backup and Strategy Formulation,” explains Amit Jain, Director at Tech9Labs. With over 11 years in Storage Specialization and overall 18 years of experience in IT sector today, Amit founded the company in 2011, with a vision of building one of the recognized and emerging System Integration and Services Company. He further adds that solutions provided by Tech9labs enable enterprises not only to manage business assets effectively but also forecast future roadmap in relation to their business growth.

Tech9labs follows the process of strategizing, planning, designing, deploying, operating and reviewing to embed new IT system and support interoperability in the long run. The Delhi based team works closely with the clients by mapping competitive landscape and delivering customized solutions to provide estimated ROI. “Our approach is always to design the best-in-class solutions with the optimal resources so that clients can achieve outstanding results owing to our integration techniques,” adds Amit.

Within the integration and storage virtualization practice, Tech9labs focuses on Data replication to ensure DR & BCP, Backup Strategy, Application Aware Snapshots & Clones, Distributed LUNs/Volumes, Data Tiering, Real-time Data Compression, De-duplication, Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage-Area Networks (SANs). Based on capacity requirements & future growth, disk options, features and business performance of clients; Tech9labs offers specific solutions. “Our experts know what questions to ask in order to understand storage requirements and pain areas to target to achieve business goals,” points out Amit.

Being himself specialized in data storage solutions for years, Amit has a firm belief that storage solution is an essential and important aspect of overall IT environment and hence has to be sized optimally to provide adequate performance, scalability, manageability and flexibility.

As Big data analytics, mobile and social applications are generating an explosive growth of many types of new data to be saved on cloud or within data center, Amit foresee a promising market for Software Defined Storage solutions in future and realizes the need of skill up-gradation to provide deployment and migration to meet technology demands.