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April - 2015 Issue
Cover Story
Managing the IT security of an organization is no small task. Businesses need to be able to rely on their networks and data 24x7 in order to effectively operate, however today’s security perimeters are often distributed, complex and highly dynamic, making it difficult to keep up with... more>>


Many industries rely on the quick processing of data feeds as a competitive advantage. Financial services companies that need to provide... more>>

Company of the Month: Network & Application Security

One of the critical management issues for today’s enterprises is protection of valuable intellectual property and business information... more>>
Without a security policy and provision, the accessibility and availability of the enterprise network can be compromised quite... more>>

20 Most Promising Cyber Security Companies 2015

In 2008, Russian Hackers defaced Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline data servers, causing a mysterious explosion on the pipeline. The... more>>
In the recent years, we have seen massive growth in the Internet of things (IoT) domain. IDC revealed its prediction that the global IoT... more>>
The increase in Cyber Warfare is creating a huge market shifts in the domain of security and risk management. According to Gartner, more... more>>
Cyber threats have surged drastically but enterprises have not been able to mitigate it successfully; in spite of huge investments on... more>>
People, process & point of time technology approach are good to have but precision engineering approach is what is needed to determine... more>>
CIOs realize that their infrastructures are at stake when a cyber infringement takes place within the network. Network security threats... more>>
The cyber security stanceof the industry shows that it has not realized completely the consequences of cyber threats and there is lack of... more>>
In this technology dominated era, Information Technology (IT) has become a vital and integral part of businesses. The role of IT in... more>>
Rapid advancement in technology on one hand, synchronically startling enlargement of cyber crime around the world on the other is... more>>
Every time, an employee of an organization clicks on a phishing website, every time he/she encounters a malicious website and every time... more>>
intGrow is a prominent Global information Security Company providing strategic security solutions, professional and consulting security... more>>
Cyber security has a heavy foot as IT explodes to new avenues such as BYOD and IoT, apart from cloud computing. Additionally, the speed... more>>
When it comes to security, mobile devices are the prime targets waiting to be contravened by impending vulnerabilities. Mobile devices... more>>

CEO Spotlight

Fraud is one of the fastest growing challenges being faced by businesses today. There are fraudsters who ‘bend the truth’ relating to... more>>

CIO Insights

When looking at any business there are key performance indicators that measure the success of the company. more>>
The technology landscape has changed in the recent years and now is driven by customer adoption and consumer innovation. With the arrival... more>>
MTS India is a subsidiary of Russian conglomerate Sistema and operates across India. Over the last few years there has been a lot of... more>>

CXO Viewpoint

Fujitsu’s latest research report Digital Inside Out revealed that digital services are truly driving the interactions we have with... more>>
The Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay and predicted to grow into a multiple trillion opportunity by 2020. So, discussions about... more>>

In Focus

The necessity of a stringent authentication process has become inevitable in financial and banking services with the rise of security... more>>