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MoboDexter: Providing Simple and Smart IoT Solutions with Comprehensive Security


In the recent years, we have seen massive growth in the Internet of things (IoT) domain. IDC revealed its prediction that the global IoT market would hit $7.1 Trillion by 2020 and worldwide with IoT install base slated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17.5 percent from 2013 to 2020. Earlier, most of the devices were in a closed network but now the devices are available in the public domain for manageability. Today, there are incalculable numbers of things (devices) which are being networked together to enable seamless connections and communications, and managed via internet. Consequently, this switch has given birth to myriad of security challenges and mishaps. For an instance, data volume has disturbed the security process and at the same time generated troubles in creating, an efficient ‘cloud strategy’ solely focused on technology and business benefits. Owing to these challenges, there is a dire need for Secure, Intelligent and Smart devices more than ever before. MoboDexter, launched in 2013, has consistently been developing products and solutions in the IOT and Security domain, thus helping their clients to be prepared to manage security threats while positioning itself to capture a large pie of this market over the next 5 to 10 years’ time frame.
MoboDexter Corporation is a USA based product company with its research and development operations in India and Singapore. The company’s R&D centres aims to develop secure and resilient cyberspace for its customers. The company, under the dexterous guidance of Chandramouli Srinivasan, is working on product lines ranging from Home Automation, Home Security, Banking, Automotive and Healthcare verticals. “Our products are not looking to provide a single dimensional security, rather focuses on multi-layered approach from chip to application – from devices to cloud; the aim is to provide additional security to the existing infrastructure by building the complete security stack by combining hardware and software”, explains Chandramouli Srinivasan (Mouli), CEO & President of MoboDexter. Mouli being an IT veteran and an ex-Intel Engineering Manager, has a strong inclination for disruptive innovating and believes every human has the right to stay protected in the era of smart devices and cloud moving to the next wave of IT explosion called “IoT”.
MoboDexter aids their clients to come through the perils of IT security unscathed by providing smart products with real time AI based authentication at an affordable price. The products operate on their proprietary IAM (Identification Authentication Model) architecture which uses Artificial Intelligence based security and authentication to devices. Hence, making the products self-servicing. The goal is to provide a predictable model for security, thus, preventing any unwarranted security threats and incidents by eliminating some of the existing practices that poses a serious threat to user security. The company with its Artificial Intelligence implementation predicts and prevents security issues with an understanding of the user’s behavioural patterns by collecting user information from other existing sources via social media without intruding users’ privacy.
Treading to success, MoboDexter has contrived specific plans for its beaming future, which includes launching of Home Automation and Automobile Solutions in 2016. Moving ahead with a positive outlook, the company plans to foray into Healthcare and Lifestyle Solutions market by 2017 and introduce Smart Nation Solution in 2018.