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August - 2016 Issue
Cover Story
Start-ups, SMEs and businesses of other scales across verticals and purposes can earn customers, partners and reputation faster and surer if they have third-party international certifications to prove their capacities, potential and promise for business excellence. Individuals too, establish... more>>

In My Opinion

Every click creates a data point that gets captured on a server. This data has huge potential to improve customer centric services... more>>

CIO Insights

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in 2002, began offering all of its undergraduate courses available online for free. In... more>>
In today’s cut throat competitive world, technology is the only differentiator, which can keep you ahead of your competition. Every... more>>
Big Data has tremendous potential in India with social media usage on the rise and increased adoption of technology by sectors such as... more>>
We have been witnessing the kind of speed in which digital deluge is happening all around. A friend of mine, a seasoned first... more>>
Lost in translation: Is it communication skills of CIO or competence mix in executive teams that is the problem? A chairman of a very... more>>

CEO Insights

Data and content are disjointed linear paths but reveal amazing results once connected by dots i.e. in this case, latent insights for a... more>>

20 Most Promising Adobe Solution Providers 2016

The 21st century has witnessed some remarkable changes in the domain of technology. The change has been so rapid and widespread that... more>>
With the continuous technological evolution, the need for digital media software is increasing day by day. The growth will be massive and... more>>
The Adobe Partner Reseller Program which is designed to recognize and reward resellers for their sales and technical expertise, aims to... more>>

20 Most Promising Microsoft Azure Solution Providers 2016

Today more than 33 percent of IT budget is spent on cloud-related services and expenditure on cloud is forecasted to increase in couple... more>>
When an organization purchases hardware or related resources, it generally comes with a lot of expense and a growing risk of obsolescence. more>>
By embracing digital transformation and next-generation solutions around cloud, mobile, big data, social networks etc., enterprises aim... more>>
Gartner predicts the public cloud services market in India to grow by 30.4 percent in 2016 to approximately USD 1.26 billion. With... more>>
The paradigm shift of IT systems and workflows to the Cloud is augmenting and benefiting enterprises in multiple ways. more>>

CXO Insights

BPM products have evolved significantly over the last decade. The technology has not only moved ahead, but has also contributed to the... more>>
Having moved between Software Services companies and Software Product companies, I realized that there are significant differences... more>>
In the much-hyped world of the Internet of Things, the industry continues to focus on the number of connected devices and machines that... more>>