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While many companies today are still in the early stages of DevOps, it is increasingly becoming the de facto standard for how teams operate. More and more organizations are upending traditional processes and cultivating a culture that unites people, processes, workflows and technologies to bring tangible returns to the business. Pune headquartered Datamato, is focused on building a workforce enablement approach linked directly to employee experience, customer experience, and revenue growth.

Classical Software Delivery methods impede fast time-to-market because of strict dependencies of project phases and manual processes. But in today’s competitive business environment one needs to react quickly, cater to customer demands and essentially be on the cutting edge of operational productivity. Datamato offers the required IT agility via DevOps (fully automated deployment using Continuous Integration (CI) and Configuration Management tools to control the entire application infrastructure). Datamato, being the largest IBM partner in India, leverages IBM Watson IoT Platform Analytics to gain insights from huge volumes of IoT data to make better decisions and optimize operations. The truly transformative use of IoT is to combine structured and unstructured data with advanced, and even cognitive, analytics to give consumers and companies insights that help them make informed decisions about their life or business.

The DevOps Way
When considering DevOps, one has many moving parts to consider. Few of the core components being: automated testing, automated build, automated provisioning, automated orchestration and automated deployment. Hand-in-hand, one has to maintain continuous feedback, with information continuously moving back-and-forth. Datamato assists in assessment for DevOps Implementation readiness. The focus being to implement DevOps, with an inclination on turning siloed environment to one, which is well integrated and collaborated. The company starts with assessing the situation in a structured way, so as to where the organization stands in terms of process maturity, existing tool sets, product stability, present infrastructure and current workload of staff. Once the as-is scenario is documented, setting realistic goals for each stream is triggered. Essentially, Datamato then proposes a “to-be” situation based on the organization’s needs and budget.

Datamato’s Success Stories, leveraging IBM's Rational, DevOps and IoT CE solutions
A large Financial Institution: Engaged and working with one of the largest Indian bank, for automating their manual release-process. Datamato Implemented a solution using IBM’s UrbanCode Deploy, resulting in software deployment time being reduced by about 90 percent, release-costs by about 75 percent and eliminating error-prone manual steps.
Large Telecom Company in Middle-East: Engaged and working with one of the largest telecom company in the middle-east, for automating their manual deployment processes. Implemented the solution using IBM’s UrbanCode Deploy, resulting in reduced software deployment time as well as risks by eliminating error-prone manual steps. Now working on the next phase wherein the need is to automatically provision, orchestrate and deploy new environments.

Large Tier-1 Indian Automotive Supplier: Adopted IBM Rational tool chain for complex embedded and electronics development involving an IoT block chain. Datamato is helping them with tools and services, to set up best practices of product development.

Large Indian Automotive OEM: Datamato is engaged with one of the largest Indian automotive OEM for providing IBM tools and realigning their embedded product
development practice.

Datamato, being a preferred IBM Business Partner, uses RTC (Rational Team Concert) as its SCM tool-of-choice, IBM Bluemix as cloud platform and UrbanCode products: UrbanCode Build (continuous integration and build management server optimized for the enterprise), UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns (for automating application deployments through one's environments) and UrbanCode Release (collaborative release management tool that helps one handle the growing number and complexity of releases) for an Orchestrated deployment process from start to finish. IBM Bluemix runs and integrates open source projects, offering them in a single platform across public, dedicated, and on-premise systems. With its flexibility and modular extensibility, OpenStack is the brain behind the power of IBM Bluemix Platform. Datamato takes pride in its highly technical skills and IBM Centre of Excellence that provides software consulting, deployment and support services to end-customers on afore-mentioned IBM Tools.

Built Around Customer-Focused Businesses
During the initial turbulent journey, Datamato realized and moved away from being a functional organization to an organization built around customer-focused business-market combinations / initiatives. “Digital disruption is here, now and is the building-block of change and growth. We realized that we had to transform ourselves - to lead in a new era of business and technology so that we remained essential and relevant to our customers”, says Amar Bhandari, CTO, Datamato. Datamato has been awarded with IBM Best Autonomous Revenue, IBM Premier Business Partner Specializing in IBM Solution Sales and Services and IBM Best Customer Committed Partner for the year 2016.

Today, Datamato is much more than a “Product Sales, Software, Services” Company. Datamato is now emerging as a Consultative Solution Enabler, providing end-to-end solutions under one-roof in the niche focus areas of: DevOps, IoT, Cloud Computing and Collaborative Lifecycle Management. In the promising years for digital transformation that lies ahead, Datamato intends to extend its “Preferred Partner for IBM in India” tag to global levels. And, within that time-frame team Datamato is focused on achieving Industry acclaimed solution/product offerings, fuelling growth as a separate vertical altogether.