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December - 2016 Issue
Cover Story
ERP has been significantly implemented for it to be viewed as a proven practice. It has potentially been one of the most popular business management systems, contributing benefits of real-time capabilities and flawless communication for business in large enterprises and government organizations.... more>>


ERP has been proven to be a vital tool in the race of supremacy for organizations as it unites all the functional facets of an enterprise... more>>

In My Opinion

When it comes to emerging technologies, one phrase that has drawn more controversy than others have is cloud computing. Two words, which... more>>

20 Most Promising ERP Solution Providers 2016

Over the past decade, the ERP market has been growing steadily with the Global ERP Software Market expected to touch the 41.69 billion... more>>
Over the past 20 years, ERP software has increasingly become more powerful and versatile, offered by an ever-changing landscape of... more>>
In a progressively IT driven global economic environment, it is indeed very important to promote and facilitate adoption of IT in the... more>>
The larger enterprises in India have always been using some form of ERP for running their manufacturing and distribution businesses.... more>>
Companies have already begun to receive real-time analytics from the Internet of Things (IoT) on the manufacturing floor and throughout... more>>
A significant improvement in the adoption of open source ERP systems that can be tailor-made to meet an organization’s specific... more>>
The major forces driving this market are the demand for automated management of business processes in academic institutions and the need... more>>
ERP as terminology is as old as 40 years. But the way ERP is expected to be delivered and supported is completely changed. In this... more>>
The implementation of an ERP system brings far reaching changes in an organization and its processes. Hence, top management must realize... more>>

CIO Insights

As a follow up of the earlier article flipside of the innovations, to demonstrate the real value of the investment for adopting the... more>>
Adaptation and business case: Industry small or big has to understand that technology is the only answer to make business sustainable,... more>>
Today’s organizations are having zeal to analyse the data which are captured through ERP and set to get the keys to success. Entire... more>>

CXO Insights

It’s always interested me to explore about how teams can be organized differently to achieve better results. I would like to discuss... more>>
It is a well-proven fact that ERP solutions, if structured and implemented conscientiously, can yield substantive & measurable results by... more>>
ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, but even its full name doesn't shed much light on what ERP is or what it does. For... more>>
As data needs grow, so does the need for data centers. A whitepaper by the Internet and Mobile Association of India released in May 2016... more>>
As far as our experience in the insurance space is concerned, standardization of technology has revolutionized the way insurance is... more>>