• South Asia Awards Summit 2021

    South Asia Awards Summit 2021

    Jul 27 - Jul 27,2021 , Virtual Platform

    Collating the best of the best throughout South Asia’s Cloud and Datacenter professionals. The most prestigious Award throughout the APAC region. Judges of the most distinguished caliber will be presenting individuals at the top of their game, with the honored W.Media Award.

  •  Pharma IT Summit 2021

    Pharma IT Summit 2021

    Jul 23 - Jul 23,2021 , Virtual Platform

    With the continuity of business heavily depending on their willingness to take up digital transformation, it is likely to be one of the most common board-room agenda's for the Indian Pharma sector. As digitized supply chains, data-driven insights and hybrid cloud get deployed by organizations to remain competitive in the Indian Pharma sector, it is imperative for the IT leaders to up-skill and be prepared for unprecedented challenges they will face in the new and dynamic market.

  • BFSI Tech Innovation 2021

    BFSI Tech Innovation 2021

    Jun 24 - Jun 24,2021 , Virtual Platform

    The 38th Inflection BFSI Tech Innovation Web conference & awards is curated to bring together the top industry CIOs, CTOs, Technology leaders, professionals, experts, & solution providers from Banking, FinServ and Insurance. The event will also celebrate the success, innovation, and excellence through India’s most prestigious awards in BFSI Technology.

  • Cloud Infra and Security Summit 2021

    Cloud Infra and Security Summit 2021

    May 21 - May 21,2021 , Virtual Platform

    The Cloud Infra and Security Summit a virtual conference gathering 200+ Cyber Security heads (CISOs, CIOs, CTOs and Head-Information Security) from cross-industry verticals with an aim to foster meaningful discussion on the major tech-disruptions and evolving strategies in the Cybersecurity space in 2021 and the challenges that accompany it.

  • Cyber Security for Critical Assets World Summit 2021

    Cyber Security for Critical Assets World Summit 2021

    May 06 - May 06,2021 , Virtual Conference

    CS4CA World will return virtually as a unique large-scale event to keep the critical asset community connected across the globe. As a worldwide 24-hour event, it will follow the sun by starting with speakers from the APAC region through to MENA, Europe, LatAm, finishing in North America. This unique format allows sponsors, speakers, and attendees to engage & connect with peers through a wide range of interactive content & networking formats much like a physical event.