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Endpoint Detection And Response

By : | Category : Cyber Security

With enough motivation, time and resources, adversaries eventually devise a way to get through an organization’s defenses. Unfortunately, when that occurs, most security products "fail silently,"... Read More

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API Gateway a critical element in a microservices based application

By : | Category : IT services

Microservices has emerged as a preferred architectural model for large cloud hosted... Read More



By : Verisign | Category : Cyber Security

Resource profiling is a methodology that inverts the traditional process of resource management.... Read More

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DSL-A .NET Implementation

By : ADP | Category : IT services

Domain specific languages (DSL) are around for quite some time and widely in use for software... Read More

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By : lenovo | Category : IT services

While deploying a cloud application or subscribing to a cloud-based service may be relatively... Read More

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Making the Case for Strong Authentication

By : RSA | Category : Cyber Security

The risks associated with the use of password-only authentication are not new. In 1995, the US... Read More

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