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Endpoint Detection And Response

By : First Advantage | Category : Cyber Security

With enough motivation, time and resources, adversaries eventually devise a way to get through an organization’s defenses. Unfortunately, when that occurs, most security products "fail silently,"... Read More

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By : First Advantage | Category : Cyber Security

As employers around the world progress towards a standard practice in global background... Read More

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Dell Storage SC4020 TCOAnalysis

By : Dell | Category : Cyber Security

IT organizations are under constant pressure to do more with less. It is no longer simply enough... Read More

tags Information Technology |Customized |Intelligent Analytics

802.11ac: The Fifth Generation of Wi-Fi Technical White Paper

By : Cisco Wi-Fi | Category : Cyber Security

Wireless LAN sites will see significant improvements in the number of clients supported by an... Read More

tags Information Technology |Systems Integrators |virtualization

Transitioning from CRM to CEM: A Road Map

By : Talisma | Category : IT services

Somewhere out there your customer is right now realizing an experience with your brand. This... Read More

tags Customized |Manage Accounting |Management

SingleConnect Technology: Simplify Server Connectivity

By : Cisco SingleConnectTechnology | Category : Cyber Security

Cisco SingleConnect technology treats physical servers and virtual machines in the same way. In... Read More

tags Information Security |IP Networks |Firewall

Cisco UCS Outperforms HP Blade Servers on East-West Latency

By : CISCO UCS | Category : Cyber Security

Cisco UCS and the HP BladeSystem have significantly different architectures. These differences... Read More

tags Operational Problems |Information Technology |Technology

It is A Bold Statement from IBM:The one system that will unite all...

By : IBM | Category : IT services

The ROI / TCO for data center computing depends on CIO willingness to make fact based decisions,... Read More

tags ERP |Information Technology |Databases

Transforming Clinical Adoption using Enterprise Health Systems

By : HealthFore | Category : Medical

HIMSS Analytics supports improved decision making for healthcare organizations, healthcare IT... Read More

tags Operating Efficiencies |Healthcare analytics |Testing Strategies

Four Things You Should Know About Securing Your Small Business

By : Symantec | Category : disaster recovery

In fact, targeted attacks on SBs now account for 30% of all targeted attacks While still less... Read More

tags Security Threats |Data Security |IP Networks

The Global Evolving Workforce Study

By : | Category : Cloud

This study explores the global trends underway as it relates to the intersection of the... Read More