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Endpoint Detection And Response

By : Vmware | Category : Cyber Security

With enough motivation, time and resources, adversaries eventually devise a way to get through an organization’s defenses. Unfortunately, when that occurs, most security products "fail silently,"... Read More

tags Security Threats |Data Security |Information Security

Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers Ltd., Chakan sets a benchmark for...

By : Vmware | Category : Governance, Risk & Compliance

•Manage the IT infrastructure that is spread over a large physical area of 700 acres.... Read More

tags Information Technology |Big Data |Technology

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership with Flash Storage

By : NetApp | Category : Cyber Security

How do people typically respond when asked about implementing a flash solution to upgrade their... Read More

tags Intelligent Analytics |Data Security |Information Security

P-Qube Training and Certification

By : AppPoint | Category : IT services

Successful organizations consistently excel, the nucleus of which are people and their array of... Read More

tags real-time visibility |Intelligent Analytics |Big Data

Digital Debugging Tips Using a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

By : Tektronix | Category : IT services

As electronic products become faster and more complex,they are harder to design, verify and... Read More

tags Automation |IT Infrastructure |CNC Machining

Looking Beyond The COBRAPOST Sting What Should Banks Do?

By : 3iInfotech | Category : IT services

The highlighted modus operandi included opening of accounts without the mandatory PAN card,... Read More

tags Security Threats |IT Infrastructure |BYOD

Accelerate time to application value

By : HP | Category : IT services

HP Converged Systems are designed to deliver the fastest time to application value—and time to... Read More

tags Information Technology |Online Content |Outsourcing

Indiana University Virtualizes Mission Critical Oracle Databases

By : Vmware | Category : IT services

University Information Technology Services (UITS) at Indiana University develops and maintains a... Read More

tags Information Technology |Big Data |Technology

Broadband Wireless Access Products and Solutions

By : Sloka | Category : Cyber Security

Broadband Wireless Access Products and Solutions Reliable all-wireless network from your NOC all... Read More

tags Operating Efficiencies |Risk Management |Technology

The Diameter Signaling Controller Old Wine in a New Bottle?

By : Diametriq | Category : IT services

Since the advent of switches in telecommunication networks, there has been the need for a way to... Read More

tags Healthcare analytics |Intelligent Analytics |Energy Efficiency

Appraising Cloud and its Service Delivery Models

By : Aditi | Category : IT services

Post the recent downturn, IT resource optimization is the key driver for most of business... Read More

tags Information Technology |Interactive |Multi-channel Experience