You are 10 Rupees a Day Away from a Rich Future

By CIOReview Team

Since time immemorial, human beings have had a desire to earn well and lead a reasonably decent life style. No doubt, the first and foremost requirement is to make both ends meet, and for this purpose, masses opt for various professions as per their interest and skills. However, it is a fact of today’s fast-paced materialistic world that to be able to fulfil even the basic necessities of life or at times, command respect in the society, one must be financially well-off. At the same time, another truth is that most people cannot even think of investing in some business or real estate or bullion, because of affordability issues.

There is an ancient adage which says that ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’.  Most of us would agree that we can somehow manage to put aside a very tiny sum every day and that 10 rupees in today’s time is no more than peanuts. What could we do with this small an amount – probably have a cup of tea or a small packet of biscuits or some such thing? This also implies that if we are ready to sacrifice just a little, we can think of doing something with this money.

Now try to comprehend in what ways can this meagre amount of Rs 10 be invested. Let us analyse some possible scenarios.

Putting Rs 10 in a Piggy Bank Daily

Just imagine you begin collecting this amount every day in a separate piggy bank and do not touch it for a year. Assuming that you do not miss the activity even for a day, at the end of the year, you would have amassed 10X365 = 3650 rupees. This is your precious saving and quite significant as compared to the paltry amount you contributed each day. You might feel delighted for having saved this much. However, this is too small an amount to make any substantial difference.

You can go to the bank and invest this saving in a fixed deposit. The interest is rarely more than 7% per annum compounded quarterly. If your FD is for a year, the amount at the end would be around 4000 bucks. Needless to say, the appreciation is not much. As such, it does not seem to be a nice proposition.

Investing in Stocks

In all probability, it might not be possible to play in the highly volatile stock market with just 10 rupees a day. Yes, but you can collect the money for a month or a year and then purchase shares. However, this arena is riddled with too many apprehensions and is not a layman’s cup of tea. It could prove quite fruitful on one hand, but really dismaying on the other. Moreover, first you need to collect some money before you can test your luck. Apart from this, you would need to stay updated regarding all the trends treading in the stock exchange. For this, one has to study and observe it for long periods, which is easier said than done. Too risky a path!

Playing Online Rummy

Yes! you read that right. It might sound incredible, but it is true that the online version of traditional card game of skills can be an excellent means of making it big! Rummy is a card melding game that has been quite popular in our country for decades. Almost all and sundry have played the game in their childhood to have fun.

Now, the very same game is available on the net. You just need to make a one-time deposit of Rs 100 with a reliable rummy site such as Rummy Passion. Once you do that, you are entitled to participate in the site’s numerous Freeroll Tournaments i.e. the ones that don’t require you to pay anything but have handsome amounts as prizes. If you win, your account becomes richer with the amount you win; and just in case you lose the game, you lose nothing. And in both the cases, you also have great brain-storming entertainment!

You would be amazed to know that apart from these free tourneys, you have the lucrative option of playing at tables beginning at 5 rupees. It means that with 10 rupees in hand, you can play many a game and keep enriching your account day after day. The money can be easily withdrawn whenever you want.

What’s more, those who do not know how to play the game, need not worry. Most sites provide a plenty of information about the game, its rules, tips and tricks etc. in the form of enlightening blogs and YouTube videos. Besides, you can hone your rummy skills by first playing on the free practice tables. Once you start feeling confident enough, you can comfortably make your foray into the splendid world of cash rummy games and make it big!

To Conclude

Most Indians own a smartphone and also have access to a 3G/4G internet connection. Furthermore, for most denizens, it would not be a Herculean task to spare 10 rupees a day. We cannot even imagine making it big by sparing such a paltry sum every day in any other field, except by playing online rummy games at a trustworthy rummy site. What are you waiting for!

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