XRS Corporation and SpeedGauge Safety Center

CIOReview Team | Friday, 29 May 2015, 10:44 IST

XRS Corporation – a provider on-demand software and services to the trucking has announced its partnership with SpeedGauge – a driver safety and performance company providing software solutions to help fleets manage and control vehicle speed to help fleet managers recognize unsafe driving and act immediately whenever necessary.

The integration of XRS’s high resolution GPS points with SpeedGauge Safety Center technology gives customers a detailed picture of the vehicle in every location the fleet operates, irrespective of whether it is an open road. With the data generated from XRS system that includes vehicle location, heading, and speed, SpeedGauge Safety Center is able to calculate the actual speed allowing for true speed-by-road analysis. Besides this, the SpeedGuage Safety Center dashboard gives fleet managers an idea about the driving behavior of the drivers and also train the drivers accordingly based on safe operating procedures.

“This integration provides safety managers a new level of visibility into driving behavior and speed-related performance, allowing them to better identify and reduce risky driving behaviors, and improve fuel efficiency,” says Jon Van Winkle, vice president of product management, XRS. “Whether on a back road, the interstate, or in the yard, fleets will know if their drivers are complying with posted speed limits, allowing them to build a culture of safety throughout their fleet.”

“By integrating SpeedGauge Safety Center into its telematics service, XRS is able to offer its fleet customers the most accurate and comprehensive speed monitoring available on the market, including our proprietary speed limit data,” says Jonathan Hubbard, CEO, SpeedGauge. “Now XRS customers can significantly increase safety and performance in every location their fleets operate, leading to sustainable cost reduction.”

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