Why unsecured loans have become popular

CIOReviewindia Team | Thursday, 09 July 2020, 05:25 IST

Why unsecured loans have become popular

With entrepreneurship rampaging in today’s day and age, the term “Unsecured Business Loan" has found a haven in everyone's minds and mouths. Every individual today is on the hunt to find lucrative loan schemes for various purposes. However, approaching a financial institution makes the process more complicated.

A traditional lender such as banks and financial institutions have complicated processes in place and ticking the boxes to clear each stage can be extremely challenging. Traditional money lending institutions build complete assurance with the loan seeker for the money they lend. Under this circumstance, assurance is built in the form of information collected about the loan seeker's valuable assets that serve as collateral.

As a result, small businesses in their initial stage that lack a solid asset history by default are out of the race to seek loans from traditional money lending institutions. These harsh and complex processes also put businesses that have a high-risk value from seeking loan funds. These complications birthed the concept of an Unsecured business loan, an alternate form of loan that is now gaining immense popularity.

What is an unsecured loan for business?

An unsecured loan is a type of loan where the lender proceeds to issue the loan amount to the loan seeker without making it mandatory to obtain any collateral. This means the loan seeker does not need to provide any of his asset information such as property papers, gold, car, or any valuable alternate item as a means of security for the lender to issue the loan.

Major parameters of unsecured loans

  • Multi-purpose:
    Multi-purpose unsecured loans can be availed for different reasons such as buying a television, electronics, furniture, funds for a honeymoon, or wedding purposes, and so on. You can even avail it to consolidate your current borrowings tied with different financial institutions or banks.
  • Creditworthiness:
    The amount requested as an unsecured loan is processed on minimal creditworthiness, such as your monthly earnings, loan commitments, and expenses. It boils down to your ability to repay the loan. The bank will quickly conduct a check pertaining to the loan seeker's credit rating and proceed to process the requested funds.
  • Revolving loans:
    Revolving loans solely determine the tenure of your repayment. Based on that, loan seekers are provided with financial backing.

3 types of unsecured business loans

Working Capital Loan
A working capital loan is devised with the primary objective of helping businesses run their daily operations smoothly. Funds play a key role in determining cash flow, and running out monetary backup will only create more friction. A working capital loan can be availed to solve that problem.
Machinery Loan
Many businesses rely on machinery and equipment to generate cash flow. Loan seekers can avail of the machinery loan to implement a quick upgrade of the machines or choose to buy or lease the latest version of machinery available in the market. Making this move will help businesses deliver quality output, but it will help them stay ahead of the race without bearing a huge financial burden.
Today, it can be rightly said that micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises play a crucial role in upholding the generation of cash flow within the economy. It can be safely considered as the backbone of society. MSME & SME loans can be availed to nurture your business's status without embracing heavy financial burdens.

Advantage of Unsecured business loans

  • Simple Borrowing Process The borrowing process to seek unsecured loans is simple. Loan seekers will be able to get approvals quickly. Many lenders who opt to provide unsecured loans wrap the entire process within the same day or even quicker. There has little documentation involved, and this helps to fasten the entire process. As a result, it serves as the best mode of loan for small businesses looking for quick financial assistance.
  • Collateral Not Required Loan seekers opting for an unsecured loan, need not get indulged in providing asset information as a medium of security to avail the loan. This one factor about unsecured loans has helped this format of a monetary transaction to gain immense popularity. Every entity from small businesses to entrepreneurs has started leaning towards gaining unsecured loans that give them the flexibility to gain quick cash backup without much hassle.
  • Loan in less than 24 hours Loan seekers opting for unsecured loans can be assured that once the process is filled, they can expect the amount deposited in their bank account within 24 hours or less. Unsecured business loans are favorable in terms of the process set for obtaining it, but it is also time favorable, easy to apply, and quick to reflect in your bank account.
  • Easy repayment Unsecured loans come with limited cash approval bars. The lenders involved in giving out these loans hesitate to sanction a giant amount, which eventually, from a monetary standpoint, puts the lender at high risk. However, with limited cash approval bars, loan seekers are liable for small amounts that come with easy repayment options. Not only will you be able to repay the amount quicker, but you can also stand a chance to avail more once the payment is settled.

Basic requirements needed to avail unsecured business loans

Availing unsecured loans have a quite simple approval framework, making it uncomplicated for businesses to get loans quickly. Here are a few things to keep availing it:

  • Personal details play a crucial role. Have your PAN card, AADHAR card, and CIBIL score in hand, and you'll be quick to clear phase one.
  • Business KYC details are deemed mandatory when it comes to availing unsecured loans for business purposes. Have your registration of incorporation details and PAN card in handy to clear this phase.
  • Loan seekers are asked to submit their salary details that precede the last six months. Salary details serve as proof that you have regular cash flow incoming from a reliable source.
  • Identification details such as address proof and bank statements are always asked to be submitted for verification purposes.
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