Why do Indians love eating Domino's pizza?

cioreviewindia Team | Monday, 11 January 2021, 06:48 IST

Why do Indians love eating Domino's pizza?A lot of pizza lovers across India can tell if a pizza is a Domino’s pizza just by looking at it, sometimes even by the whiff of pizza and definitely by taking a bite off the pizza. There’s no denying that there’s something so distinctive about Domino’s pizza that clearly sets it apart from the competition. The crunchy crust, signature sauce, gooey goodness of melting cheese and yummy toppings - All these ingredients come together for a pizza that’s simply irresistible. Here are some reasons why Indians love Domino’s pizza. Read on:

The legacy of Domino’s

The pizza chain that started its operations in 1996 in India with a single store in New Delhi has more than 1300 stores today across the country and that’s more than that of any other pizza chain. Once the best restaurant in Delhi, it is a household name in India today. And one of the main reasons for its success is that it has managed to capture the essence and the taste of Indians. 

The widest range of crusts and delicious toppings

One thing that you’ll always find at any Domino’s pizza nearby is variety. The foundational element of your pizza, both figuratively as well as literally, the crust is what gives a pizza its crunchiness. Depending on the texture you want your pizza to have, you can choose from gluten-free Thin wheat crust, soft and buttery Pan pizza crust, crispy hand-tossed crust, Cheese burst crust stuffed with gooey cheese and more. You can also pick the tidbits that give your pizza all its deliciousness. Whether you’re a veggie or a meat lover, there’s a ton of toppings for you to choose from. 

Easy on the pockets

You can order a pizza from a Domino's restaurant near me any time without worrying about denting your pockets. You’ll always find some offers and exclusive discounts running at Domino’s stores that make it all the more difficult to resist the temptation to have a pizza. For those who are looking to dine on a budget, Domino’s has a lot to offer with its Pizza Mania range and Everyday Value offer.

Superfast pizza delivery

A hot box of pizza right at your doorstep within just 30 minutes of you placing an order! Now, that’s what you get every time you order online on the Domino’s mobile app or website. Next time your pizza craving strikes, it doesn’t matter even if it’s past midnight, you can order a delicious Domino’s pizza and have it delivered right to you.  

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