Which Salesforce Certification Should I Get?

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 08 April 2020, 11:27 IST

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The Salesforce online tool has succeeded in creating a magical charm among organizations and individuals alike. Not only are business enterprises waking up to and embracing this 21 st century technology to streamline their customer relationships, even individuals are looking forward to affluent careers in the stream via Salesforce certifications. Such is the power the technology holds today. Here we assess the various certification courses offered in the platform and which one would work best for you moving ahead.

What is Salesforce Platform and Why is it So Popular?

Though it isn’t a novel term anymore, we still thought we’d highlight the basics before moving on. Put very simply, the Salesforce online platform helps businesses manage all information in relation to their customers in just a few clicks. This is facilitated by the Customer Relationship Management or CRM tool propelled by Salesforce that provides all the business departments access to shared customer opinions over a single, centralised server.

This helps ensure the business enterprise that all its various departments are on the same page with regard to its customer feedback, opinions or suggestions, and work accordingly. This cloud technology has come up with innovative solutions for sales and marketing, analytics, app development, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Why Go for Salesforce Certification?

To make your best career move and prove your unique skills on the CRM platform, Salesforce certifications are a one-time invaluable opportunity. Besides, Salesforce has job offers aplenty for all roles, domains and skill sets – not just software developers (obviously) but also project managers, solution architects, and sales and marketing professionals – basically anyone who wishes to use the CRM platform to their advantage.

What do you get in return for a certification course? Imagine this. Once you get a stamp on your resume stating that you possess the necessary knowledge and skills to use Salesforce CRM technology, the sky is the limit for you. Not only would you be regarded as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in your domain but you’re free to keep adding more certifications to your kitty, as many you want. More certifications mean more demand in the job market and higher salaries too.

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What Salesforce Certifications Are on Offer?

Salesforce offers plenty of options for people at different levels. Each certification course is intended at different solution areas. The best part about these courses is that there is no hierarchical structure – any professional at any work level can choose to avail any certification course ideal for his/her skill set. Plus, you can learn them in as much time you want as per convenience.

Here are some basic certifications that are quite popular among Salesforce professionals. There are more too which we may not have been able to cover due to space constraints. This is to give you a general idea on which ones to go for to take your career to the next level:

- Salesforce Administration – This certification includes two sub-level courses:

  • Salesforce Certified Administrator – This course is specifically intended for experienced Salesforce professionals. They may include people working on creating reports and dashboards for their teams, maintaining security of data, tracking user data, workflow processes, and maintaining Salesforce applications.
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator –This one’s for those experienced professionals who have gained extensive knowledge in Salesforce applications. They are extremely proficient in creating advanced reports, dashboards and automation processes for the organisation.

- Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification – As the name suggests, this certification targets developers involved in app building, designing, deployment and customisation of apps in the Force.com platform. However, the candidates must possess more programming and engineering skills.

- Salesforce Developer Certifications – If you have sufficient experience in building custom declarative and programmatic apps on the Salesforce platform, this certification can help enhance your skill sets. There are 3 certifications under this category – Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I and II, and Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer.

- Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I – Candidates for this course must have the desired know-how for designing the data model, business logic, User Interface (UI), security for custom apps, as well as their development using Apex and Visual force.

- Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II – The second level of certification requires advanced programming skills on the Force.com platform. The candidatemust know how to build data models with a view to develop complex business logic and interfaces on the platform. They must also have knowledge of designing, development, testing and deployment of reusable and robust programmatic solutions that can be managed easily.

- Salesforce Certified Technical Architect – This is a rather special certification course meant for those who have extensive experience as well as detailed technical knowledge, presentation skills and the ability to generate Salesforce solutions across the platform. These professionals further get recognised as experts in creating and applying custom solutions on the Force.com platform, once they’ve completed the course.

- Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant – This course provides recognition to the candidate’s abilities in designing and implementing Sales Cloud Solutions, including design of applications and interfacesand management and design of analytics for purposes of tracking.

Which Salesforce Certification to Choose?

All of the Salesforce certification courses detailed above add immense value to your professional profile. Regardless of which one you choose, it’s only going to do you good. To start with, it makes you eligible to apply for jobs at Salesforce at any level as per your knowledge, experience and skill set. Most important, you get entitled for higher salaries in competition with the market once you become Salesforce certified.

And, because these certifications follow no specific hierarchical structure, you can choose to be certified in any of them, depending on your expertise or personal preference. Still, we recommend starting with the basic administrator certification courses to get an overview of the basics of the architecture. Again, if you’re further interested in development, you may proceed with the rest of the certifications.

These courses can be taken anytime for as long a duration as you want. Exams for the same can be taken onsite or online both.

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