Which ERP System is Best for your Business?

CIOReview Team | Monday, 24 February 2020, 04:21 IST

Which ERP System is Best for your Business?

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software has established its name to be easily operational, maintainable, and simply navigational. Yet we do not know why people perceive it to be complicated and expensive. In fact, an ERP is blessed with intuitive features and is sure to make your business functioning smoother and better.

But, if you still need reasons for implementing ERP in your business, let me cite you some:

  • Boosts your employee productivity
  • Your operational efficiency reached to new heights
  • Generate accurate reports
  • Simplify and automate critical business processes
  • Real time visibility
  • Workout your agility and flexibility

All these advantages of ERP are extremely beneficial in an ever changing world of business, continuously transforming, making surviving more challenging than ever.

Now, the next question must be which ERP system should you incorporate in your business. This is a big question, as whatever ERP we incorporate, we need to stick with it for a long time. So below, we have a detailed explanation of the same.

NetSuite ERP

Being a product of Oracle, it speaks a lot about this software. Modern in nature, this cloud based ERP in designed in a way that it would scale as your business grows. In fact, it recently got a title, “the world’s most deployed cloud EPR solution,” for being deployed over 160 countries and 16,000 enterprises globally.

Once you incorporate with NetSuite ERP, you will have all the tools and modules onboard, to automate your business process, which means, accounting, demand planning, manufacturing operations, billings and payments, inventory management, financial management and much more.

Apart from this, you will have full real time visibility into functional and operational which is in process across your business. All of this is intended in your best favor, helping you make the best data backed decisions. Since it is flexible, scalable and always current, you get rid of on-premise IT costs, and its agile features and capabilities help you grow new products. It is completely automatic, making business finance simple for you.


Specifically designed with small and medium sized businesses in mind, with Scoro, those who are engaged in services, sales, and project management can get their work done faster, and efficiency levels to boost up. Its key features involve work scheduling, tracking, collaboration, quoting as well as billing. What makes the experience better is that the entire functioning is controlled from a central hub, where everything is displayed.

You must have understood that with Scoro onboard, you get to manage all the stages of the product, how is it billed, get a full overview of performance indicators, and from time to time get financial reports. Plus, the best part about it is that Scoro’s software is completely configurable, so you can set user permissions, configure activity or product types, select from built-in templates, and create your own invoices.

For accessing software on-the-go, Scoro has the ability to integrate with over 1000 external apps. Once you have Scoro, you will see you are managing time even more efficiently, track, manage and allocate the resource better, take charge of the finances and the costs, and manage your sales funnel like never before.

Business Cloud Essentials

Comprehensive in nature, its extensive set of features could come out to be a robust and yet perfect solution for you and your enterprise. This ERP has proven itself when it comes to diverse solutions, and provide unique requirements. You can schedule your work orders, create bills of materials, manage and repair the inventories, and even help you streamline quality management.

In fact, you can also streamline the power of its accounting module to get financial management onboard. This platform will also help you to minimize accounting errors and even eliminate wrong entries.

Since it is a multicurrency transactional template, it will efficiently work in over 160 countries globally. It’s payroll module is so efficient that it will remunerate staff in a way that is completely safe and accurate. It even analyses labor costs for projects and departments. You must have understood that having the ERP onboard means to get a 360-degree outlook on all of your finances, which is certainly a very important aspect for every business.

In simpler words, incorporating Business Cloud Essentials means that you are eliminating all of your financial worries. So you don’t have to worry about staff remuneration or anything else. Next, you will be smoothening the manufacturing processes and understands your customer’s prospects.

Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS)

Found back in 1983, in Sweden, IFS is a globally recognized leader in developing and delivering software for ERP. Their applications make companies capable to respond to market changes, which are more than ever in today’s dynamic scene.

Upon incorporating with IFS system, you will discover that your performance is better than ever and are capable of competitive advantages. This is because the way they use resources is more agile. And plus, their applications are not only so useful; they are friendly, modular in shape, and flexible, causing you no problems in your process of work.

These are the basic reasons as to why IFS has been steadily growing in the North American Software Market. But it would grow globally in the coming years as it is a global product and enterprise, headquartered around the globe.

Wrapping up!

You see, ERP systems are extremely beneficial for all the organizations. It is the era of technology, and it is important to stay with the pace of how technology has been advancing. An ERP-enabled organization will justify that. Plus, it will also make everyday tasks easier, and let you focus on other aspects and advance your business to new heights. Furthermore, if you wish to get your tasks done more efficiently, you must choose the right ERP. This was my effort to help you with the same. Hope you find it helpful!

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