What is the best metal for nose piercing?

CIOReviewindia Team | Saturday, 24 August 2019, 07:35 IST

What is the best metal for nose piercing?

Nose piercing is a matter of great concern. It is not just about the look that your face is going to adapt, but also about the way in which your skin will react to it. Thus the metal used for piercing should be selected with ultimate care. Here we have listed down few of the metals so that you get an idea about it.


The very first metal that comes in our mind not just in the case of a diamond nose ring, but every single jewelry is Gold. Gold is known as a classic timeless metal is just the perfect choice. The best thing about this metal is that it is of great value in the aspect of quality and investment. Apart from that, one prefers it due to medical conditions also. If your skin is sensitive and could react to metals, this is the safest option for you. To make it even safer, go for 14 to 18 k gold. One should have this thing in their mind that, if gold is good for sensitive skin people, gold plated ones could lead to skin allergies.

Stainless steel

The properties of stainless steel are not new to us. We all know about it and therefore it could be seen as one of the most viable options for this purpose. A lot of latest nose pin designs that you see now a day are made up of this metal. When going for this, try to opt for surgical ones, as they are not prone to allergies and are good for the skin. There are a lot of varieties available in this metal. The most popular ones are 36 LVM and 316L. There is a lot of jewelry brand that claims that they are using stainless steel, but are actually using steel that has nickel in it. If you too are buying a nose ring like this, be prepared for skin allergies.


Apart from all the options that you could actually opt for metals for a nose ring, titanium is the most popular one. The reason behind this is that it is highly affordable and one could easily wear them without having the fear of allergy in their mind. Now, if you talk about the actual use of titanium, then it is generally used for men's wedding ring and piercing for various body parts. In the case of this metal, buying the purest form of it is not advisory and you should buy the implant version of it. If we talk about the category especially, G23 is the best.

Not just affordability, but titanium is also known as a metal that is highly durable, classic and classic. The only problem with this metal is that it could be a little itchy, but you could bear it with ease. Titanium has stretching properties also, thus the best metal for nose piercing.

So these were the 3 most important metals that could be looked for when you are selecting a nose ring. All their properties are mentioned here in details so that one could get the exact idea about them.

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