What is Prince2 Certification and How Beneficial is it!

CIOReview Team | Monday, 25 February 2019, 06:17 IST

What is Prince2 Certification and How Beneficial is it!

PRINCE2 is the most popular and professional certification course available nowadays. PRINCE2 applies to any project within the industry. This method is understood and recognized widely, as it provides an explicit recognition of the project responsibilities so that the participants understand the roles and needs of everyone. Therefore, PRINCE2 certification can help in public as well as private sector companies.

The CCTA or Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency has developed Prince, now the part of OGC or Office of Government Commerce. This method is adopted from PROMPTII, which is also a method created for project management. Later Prince replaced Prompt II and relaunched as the PRINCE2 method in 1996. This method was geared as the best generic practice approach used for different projects.

PRINCE2 certification training is compatible with other certifications which provide technical structure to the overall framework of the project that compliments softer skills learned from other qualification. If you are considering to enroll in a course for this certification, then it is a wise decision. The online courses for PRINCE2 are designed for helping aspiring professionals.

Benefits of PRINCE2 certification

Listed below are some of the benefits of achieving a online PRINCE2 certification:

  • Gain the best-in-class Project Management skills

Getting a PRINCE2 certification helps professionals enhance their Project Management skills. The aim of this certification is to make you capable of managing projects successfully. PRINCE2 allows you to control resources and risks as it uses a common language, systems, and procedures.

  • Acknowledged worldwide

PRINCE2 is considered as an essential Project Management standard. This certification is valued by most of the companies of the public as well as private sector across the world. Professionals with PRINCE2 certification are preferred for initiating, monitoring, managing, and executing the projects.

  • Better salary prospects

PRINCE2 certification gives you the opportunity to hone your skills so that you can command a better salary. Companies consider PRINCE2 as one of the most important benchmarks for hiring project managers and hence provide lucrative salaries to certified professionals. According to Payscale, PRINCE2 certified professionals earn an average salary of $97,000 in the U.S.

  • Easy to pursue

You can pursue the PRINCE2 certification without neglecting your daily routine.Compared to other certifications, it is less time consuming and requires lesser effort to comprehend the concepts. PRINCE2 certification generally involves three qualifying levels, and all are easy to complete.

  • Feel confident about running any kind of project

Achieving a PRINCE2 certification helps you understand the whole end to end process and the best practices that project managers use. This gives professionals the confidence to run any kind of projects and look forward to new challenges involved in them.

  • Global career opportunities

If you have always aimed to work at a foreign location, then getting a PRINCE2 certification is the perfect choice for you. PRINCE2 certification is recognized globally as a crucial qualification and employers look for it when hiring candidates.

Levels of PRINCE2 Certification

Basically, there are two levels in this certification, Foundation level, and Practitioner level.

1. Foundation

The foundation level of PRINCE2 certification course mainly targets team members or lead or project managers who want to understand the basis of project management methodology. You get a thorough understanding of actual terms, methods, and phrases used in the project management process of PRINCE2.

Let’s see the content of the PRINCE2 Foundation and how it benefits you:

  • The foundation certification helps you to get insight into understanding the working method effectively and how to execute on projects under this framework.
  • Help you to learn the basic methodology along with terminology of methods used in PRINCE2.

Requirements of Certification

There are no prerequisites for foundation level certification of PRINCE2. It is preferred to have just the basic knowledge of managing projects. To achieve this certification, you need to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

2. Practitioner

Practitioner level is the next step that covers practical parts in projects along with dealing with project issues.

The Practitioner level of PRINCE2 is targeted mainly on product managers, senior managers and analysts. The Practitioner level certification helps professionals do the following:

  • Customize the principles according to the project requirement
  • Manage the team by using the PRINCE2 method like a practitioner
  • Demonstrate the practical knowledge and implement it on projects.

To achieve this certification, you need to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

Certification requirement

The prerequisites of practitioner level PRINCE2 certification training are:

  • Foundation level certification
  • (PMP) Project Management Professional or (CAPM) Certified Associate in Project Management
  • IPMA level as A/B/C/D

Cost of PRINCE2 Certification

The PRINCE2 certification cost varies according to the location where the participant takes the online exam.

Exam Details

What exactly is asked in the PRINCE2 examination? What are the types of questions asked? How much time is allowed? Yes, a lot of such questions come through your mind.

Here is the answer to all of such questions:

PRINCE2 Foundation exam

  • The exam duration will be 1 hour.
  • There are 60 questions
  • Passing percentage is 55% (So you need to score 33 questions correct at least out of 60 questions total)
  • No negative marking
  • Only multiple choice questions
  • Reference Book: PRINCE2 2017 edition Managing Successful Projects

PRINCE2 Practitioner exam

  • The exam duration will be 2.5 hours.
  • There are 9 questions
  • It is an objective, scenario-based paper
  • Revised PRINCE2 Guidance
  • More emphasis is given to method approach while managing the projects using all the same seven principles, processes and themes.
  • Customization of PRINCE2 according to a specific organization and environmental needs.
  • Give more focus on the relation between the principles and themes
  • In themes include pertinent and specific tailoring
  • Practical application of methods along with guidance examples are given more to enable you using it in your project management
  • Become a ready reckoner and reference more in all aspects of project management
  • Gives more importance to Membership for PRINCE2 Foundation and practitioner certification holders staying current and have valid certification.

PRINCE2 Training

Let us see the importance of taking Prince@ certification training. If you choose the Simplilearn training provider, you can learn the following:

  • A conceptual as well as practical knowledge on how to manage projects. You should learn some real examples to relate them and apply them in your exam and projects.
  • You also get value added aids to clear the exam on your first try.
  • Practice tests are close to that real exam, so it helps you to pass the real exam.
  • If you opt for the online PRINCE2 course, you get an added advantage of any time and anywhere provision flexibility to learn and prepare for your exam.
  • Also, you get a better deal in training materials which includes resources of the Foundation and Practitioner level.
  • If you choose online training, you get access to some recorded lecturers that you can use anytime as references.
  • Most of them provide rich content and lectures that help you to understand the concepts along with their application.
  • Scenario-based exercise helps you get familiar with the application of PRINCE2 concepts.

Wrapping Up

Today, many established companies consider this certification as a necessary qualification for a project management position. In general, an employer considers those candidates who have this certification than others. Because PRINCE2 is recognized to be the world-class standard for the role of project manager, therefore a certification in such domain will add some advantages to your resume.

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