What is Epic App Orchard?

cioreviewindia Team | Wednesday, 02 June 2021, 12:46 IST

What is Epic App Orchard?Mobile applications usually have a goal of making the things we do easier. There are apps that allow you to book appointments online eliminating the need to call the clinic or hospital. An app is useful because it is a tool that promotes efficiency. Instead of lining up at the cashier, some apps allow you to pay online while also allowing you to keep track of your transactions or billings. The right application can improve the user’s experience but with the abundance of applications, how does one know what is right for them? How will they know if the application is suitable for their needs?

There is a growth in the number of digital healthcare applications because of that there is a wide range and variety to choose from. Some apps have different uses and are focused on being a solution for certain problems. There are also multiple apps that are somehow identical because they have the same features and/or functions. Because of the huge selection it can be hard for healthcare professionals or patients to distinguish which apps are good, right, and useful for them.

That’s where Epic App Orchard comes in. Epic App Orchard is a platform that can help patients, healthcare professionals, or providers narrow down which app to use. You can browse all available apps that are anchored as medical or healthcare solutions. The apps being categorized can help speed up the process of searching for the best one for you.

Epic App Orchard helps with narrowing down the choices by providing information that are related to factors that a person considers when choosing an app to download and use. Here are five important information about an app that Epic App Orchard provides:

  1. The latest version of the app and when it was last updated.

The month and year of the last update is important to know because it lets users identify if the app is being updated. Updating the app is an important factor because it means the developers fix bugs or develop the app further for improvement. Obviously one needs an app that actually works and is easy to use.

  1. Tags that classify, categorize, and identify the applications

This tells the user about the function, purpose, and focus of the app. Some of the categories are administrative work, patient access and operations, or patient experience etc. Again, this speeds up the searching for the right app for your needs.

  1. The app description

Once the choices have been filtered, time to get to the nitty gritty. Each and every app that you can browse in Epic App Orchard provides a description of its functions and features. Knowing specific details will help establish what it does and the specific area it covers. The details will help users further distinguish the pros and cons of each app.

  1. App Reviews

Also another important factor in choosing an application to use. Reviews can help you get a glimpse of the experience you’ll get with the app. It will answer questions such as: does the claimed function and features work? Is the app working as it should? Is it easy to use? Are there any flaws or bugs?

  1. Organization that created the app

Apps that are made by your healthcare provider, the university you attend to or teach at, and the hospital or clinic you work for are more likely to be best suited for you. It is also a plus if the app you are eyeing on is made by a credible and established organization.

Medical practitioners, healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, students, professors, and of course patients can benefit from digital healthcare apps. Digital or mobile health applications and softwares are useful to them because healthcare apps are very flexible and can cater to different individuals and situations. It also allows patients and healthcare providers to easily keep track of health related history. It also simplifies and improves communication between doctors and patients. For university professors and students taking medicine, some apps can be a tool that can help them in their learning journey. The benefits go on and on. Epic App Orchard is definitely worth checking out if you are on the lookout for a healthcare app.

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