What Are Google Ads & How Do They Work?

cioreviewindia Team | Friday, 18 June 2021, 06:47 IST

What Are Google Ads & How Do They Work?Google Adwords is one of the best pay-per-click online ad platforms that lets advertisers display the advertisement of their products or services on Google’s search engine results page. Business websites target keywords in order to get potential customers. They then pay to get their ads ranked on the search results page. As Google Ads runs on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads, businesses have to pay for the service when a visitor clicks on their ad.

The Google Ads marketplace works like a public auction where individuals bid for clicks. But, it’s not always the highest bid that wins. Google also looks at the relevance to make sure that individuals clicking on the advertisements will get the best experience.

What are Google AdWords?

Google Adwords is the biggest online ad platform that helps businesses to reach consumers all over the world. If done properly, it enhances their business.  With this pay-per-click platform, marketers pay Google to aim at users according to their keyword search, the device type, the country they’re located in, and many more. Advertisements are delivered to users searching for their services and products.

What are Google Ad Networks?

The Google Ad network allows brands to target users on two major networks, including the display and the search network. The search network is the most common. On the search network, marketers bid on the applicable keywords, and it displays their ads to users who search in the browser using those keywords in Google. The paid search results are displayed on the top & bottom of the page, and contain a tiny ad icon next to them.

On the contrary, the display network gives the chance to marketers to display their ad banners on websites that are part of the Google network, not on Google itself.

What is Ad Rank?

The Google Ad platform is mainly a live auction where marketers place a ‘bid’ in the AdWords network to protect a specific ad position. As per the competition and bids by other businesses, the advertisers get their desired position, or instead, a lower position if they are outbid.

Your ad position is decided by two factors that include your highest bid and your quality score. This determines your Ad Rank.

The maximum bid is how much you want to pay when the user clicks on your advertisement. Quality score denotes how good an advertisement is, for example, the quality of the landing page, the importance of your ad to the viewers, and your expected clicking rate. Your ad will be shown in the Google search results at a lower cost only when your ad ranks higher. It’s that simple.


Using the Google Ad platform can be an efficient marketing strategy among businesses wanting to obtain their first online customers or grow their business. Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Most businesses would love to see their websites on the first page of Google Search Results, and this is where Google Adwords come in. Trying to appear on the first page without using Google Ads (for example, using Search Engine Optimisation only) usually takes a lot of time, even if you use an outstanding SEO strategy. Ideally, your business will be doing a combination of the two.

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