Voice Command Support for Google Assistant Snapshot

CIOReviewIndia Team | Friday, 28 August 2020, 13:04 IST

Voice Command Support for Google Assistant Snapshot

Voice command support for google assistant snapshot has been launched which will include voice support that will allow users to use the remote voice feature by ordering the AI-powered virtual assistant to show any upcoming tasks and also to provide every recommendation for activities and various other podcasts. 


This update would be featured in both Android and iOS platforms. This functionality has been launched in English language and soon it is expected to be rolled out in other languages as well. 

The google assistant snapshot features will have the regular essential updates such as commute items and bill pay reminders. But it will also display reminders for upcoming birthdays  and holidays which one might have opted for. This Snapshot has been essentially means that in the morning users will see a card about commute time, weather, and also top headlines. 

By just giving a command with the voice, the users would be able to get a real-time notification for the same. Whereas previously, the user had to tap the mic icon or pull the assistant from the corner. 

They are also expected to add some robust features in other regional languages as well.  The users when clicking would take you the particular reminder snapshot card, and provide the options to calling, text and even singing a song. There are also tailored recommendations for podcasts, dinner and other relevant activities. 


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