Vapor IO Offers Data Centers an Alternative to Hot Aisle--Cold Aisle Model

CIOReview Team | Saturday, 06 June 2015, 07:36 IST

Vapor IO, a startup data center developer, is all set to provide a new dimension to data centers with the introduction of Vapor Chamber that can replace the traditional hot aisle –cold aisle model. The Vapor Chamber consists of round black data cylinders that are 9 feet in diameter; this design would make it ideal to be deployed in edge data centers. Yevgeniy Sverdlik, for Data Center Knowledge notes that edge data centers are located in or close to major population centers and the new design would help reduce storage and content delivery costs. Each chamber with a diameter of 9 feet is capable of accommodating 150 kW across six 42RU racks and can also provide a greater compute capacity while requiring less space to occupy. The cylinders are formed by the six wedge shaped racks put together. The cylinders have hot columns, into which, servers push hot air and a 36-inch variable-speed fan at the top sucks the hot air out of the column, creating a difference in pressure. Cold air is pulled inside by the mechanism caused by difference in the air pressure inside and outside the column. The hot columns would be the ideal alternative to a hot aisle in a traditional data center. The other key feature of the chamber is that it also includes things that are usually decoupled from the IT racks: rectifiers, PDUs, backup batteries, fire detection and suppression among others. Speaking about the startup’s latest product, Cole Crawford , CEO, Vapor IO said that it was for the ‘Internet-of-Things cloud.

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