US Fleet Tracking's Useful GPS Tracker Tips to Save Fuel Costs

CR TeamIOReview Team | Friday, 29 May 2015, 11:58 IST

US Fleet Tracking plays a vital role in business; the cost of purchasing GPS trackers is paid back repeatedly by either the money the business saves through being more efficient or through additional business picked up from the additional time employees now have available.     

The savings can be through the roof in various areas of a business, but the reduced costs from becoming more fuel efficient. There are two major ways to be more fuel efficient; be able to monitor idling time and improve routing options.

- Monitor idling time:  With the help of GPS tracking, it’s easy to know where the vehicle is heading and also estimated time period to reach the destination. In a business viewpoint, constant running of vehicle increases maintenance costs; so they think that leaving the vehicle running is more cost effective. The truth is, that this action is actually wasting more money, because leaving the vehicle running uses more fuel.

- Improve routing options: Another fuel efficient feature of GPS trackers is the ability to have improved routing. The business' drivers are not as likely to waste valuable time by taking a longer, time consuming route with GPS trackers. Dispatchers would have the capability to see the precise location of all drivers as well as the best route to his or her location. If a driver was lost, dispatchers could quickly help him or her find their way back to the route. With improved routing comes shorter travel distances, therefore; reducing fuel costs.

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