Traversing distance with Love and Technology

cioreviewindia Team | Thursday, 19 August 2021, 11:56 IST

Traversing distance with Love and TechnologyKavita was an all-rounder; in cricket as well as at home. Being the only child of her parents, her childhood in Pune was filled with fun and frolic. She used to play sports with her dad and help her mom in the kitchen. As she grew up, she responsibly took on every role in her family. She was the life of the house and her parents depended on her for everything, right from remembering medical appointments, to ensuring that each was served and had at the right time.

Her days at home however, were limited by her ambitions. Her interest in sports was well complimented by her talent and knack for the game, and the family jointly decided that Kavita owed cricket a sincere attempt. They all knew that this would mean that Kavita would have to live away from her parents, who were now ageing, in another metropolitan. However, despite the struggle involved for both parties, their choice was natural, and unanimous.

Kavita’s parents had the relief that she would live with the daughter of her coach, Mrs. Jangle; but as the move got real, Kavita was more and more worried about leaving her parents behind. But if she had to see a future, the shift was inevitable. With her parents’ blessings, she chose cricket as her passion as well as profession and moved to Mumbai for better training and practice.

In Mumbai, she lived with Shweta, Mrs. Jangle’s daughter, and they had a good time sharing each other’s company. The mornings were filled with practice sessions, and the evenings with inter-team matches. By the time Kavita got home, she barely had the energy to even move a limb. However, once she was back to her apartment, she managed all chores like buying medicines online, monthly grocery, and paying bills for her parents. They thoroughly blessed Kavita for her thoughtfulness and the effort she made for them, but they were saddened by how much trouble their technical handicap was becoming for their daughter.

Soon, Kavita’s early mornings paid off as she was selected to play as an opening batswoman for Ranji Trophy, but her training became more rigorous. This time her delighted parents decided to address their technological handicap, and ease their child’s burden. They thought about where to start, and the first name that came to their mind was Shweta.

Shweta, a work-from-home writer, offered her knowledge and started coaching them and teaching them how to operate a touch screen phone. Once they were ready, she taught them how to use LoveLocal, an app where they could buy everything from groceries to medicines, that too from neighbourhood stores they trusted for quality. Kavita’s father, a quick learner, helped his dear wife and after a little practice, the old couple became well versed with the technology.

Traversing distance with Love and Technology

One day, after coming home from a tiring session Kavita found a box full of pastries. A smile marked her face, and just as she was opening the box to know who sent the pastries, she got a video call from her parents asking her how she liked the surprise! Kavita was overjoyed to know that her parents managed to order the pastries from a bakery listed on the LoveLocal app. She asked them everything about their ‘training sessions’ with Shweta who also joined them. This was indeed the most pleasant surprise that Kavita had ever received, and she heartily enjoyed it with Shweta beside her, and her parents with her, in ways more than one.

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