Traditional gold and bold now worn with new look

CIOReviewindia Team | Wednesday, 04 September 2019, 11:31 IST

Traditional gold and bold now worn with new look

Every aspiration and determination needs a short term and long-term vision. Being a smart planner, I always chose investment options, whether in bonds or mutual funds the markets are always well known. But at times I also wanted to flaunt the style and what better than Gold. A smart save and forever fashion dime. Time and again I kept checking on the prices and the matching fashion as I always wanted to own a heavy gold metal. Which will be a long-time smart investment. The visibly vibrant enormous and gorgeous waist band also famously known “vaddanam” was the perfect fit to my choice.

One ornament which is prevalent in South India and worn during pujas, festivals or special occasions. It is one of the heaviest ornaments also known as waist band or vaddanam in Telugu or Oddiyanam in Tamil. Inspired by this Ornament the North Craftsmen introduced the Kamar Band. The designs of Kamar Band are inspirational traditional design with flair of modern art. These are now not just in gold belts but in much sleeker chains with affordable price range.

Vaddanam Designs:

Heavy Gold Vaddanams: Bold, heavy belts embedded with divine goddess Lakshmi, Ganesha or divine idols of Radha Krishna. These are also guarded with their animal representations or their renowned carriers like mouse, elephants, lotus, peacock etc. A complete depiction of a temple ambience. This designing take lot of space due to which the belt is broad and keeps the heavily bordered kancheepuram or pattu sarees intact. The beauty of this design is that it highlights the women gait. That is why it steals the show and the eyes are bound to turn around.

Kasu vaddanams: Droplets of gold coins clinging from the waist band are eye catchy too. The kasulaperu vaddanam is a tradition to wear. The women who are from the typical orthodox south Indian family know the value of this divine belt. Nevertheless, the rest of the world wonder on the magnificence of the usage of small coins to make a designer wear.

Simple Vaddanam design: Now the modern day women prefer to look chic, classy and elegant than the old traditional look in simple light weight sarees like uppada . So, in their progress have managed to include the progressive art in jewellery which is sleek for their slimmer waist.

Chained vaddanam designs: The tinkling bells, stars or simple dangling’s to the chain like belt is sexier when we wear with the designer wear chiffon sarees or the lehengas. They look sweet simple and fashionable.

Triple purpose Vaddanam: To economize the gold purchase multi usage jewellery is in latest trend.Uniquely designed for different occasions and attire this can be worn as vaddanam or a long necklace or a simple armlet. This serves the purpose of multi usage depending on the occasion. Thus, a major pocket saver with multi usage and a smart choice for ornament and investment.

Vanki Designs: Bajuband or Armlet or Vanki which ever name they originate, gladly one ornament designated for the men. Normally gold ornaments are designed for the women but this one originated with men wearing them on their muscular arms. From the Indian traditional Dwapar yuga where Lord Krishna established city of gold which as per the tales was completely touched and soiled in gold. All the residents were decked in ornaments and the vanki’s were seen as a part of regular wear of the royal family. The shape of vanki is as such that it fits perfectly without any strain or pressure.

Over time vanki designs were carried forward by traditional dancers who gracefully exhibited their artform wearing heavy armlets in chain or bow like shape. This design was also enhanced with addition of precious stone, gems and diamonds. Thus, enhancing its attractiveness.

Bridal Vanki Designs: The south Indian bride is a true resemblance of Goddess Laxmi with all the heavy bold gold jewellery. The designs inspired by the ancient temple art and carvings are adorned with much pride. The heavy border of the blouses are decorated with even heavier vanki to give a fuller look .

Now that we are aware of the bold Jewelry fashion it becomes inevitable to be updated with the designs which in not so old traditional ornamentation. Privilege to surf the online website and fall in love with the old and bold vaddanam or vanki designs or be creative to explore the latest happening trendy designs.

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