Top Skills Employers will be Looking for in 2020-2021

CIOReviewIndia Team | Friday, 04 September 2020, 13:18 IST

Top Skills Employers will be Looking for in 2020-2021Top performers are always blessed with unparallel core skills in their respective skills. Even everyone is. People, who tend to make a living, a better lifestyle eventually attain the right skills, which lasts for a lifetime. But what differentiates the top-notch performers from the rest is skills like softskills, flexibility, negotiation skills, etc. 

With the Industry 4.0 going at present, there are requirements of professionals with skills beyond the core ones.

Here is a list of few top skills employers will be looking into for in 2020-2021

  • Thinking Skills – People having the ability to adopt thoughts of different things and implement those at work will be needed vehemently. Termed as ‘Cognitive Flexibility’, people who can control their mind like a juggler controls its exhibition, will be in demand. It’s almost like giving different and accurate solutions to a complex problem. Reading makes all the difference. A person who is an avid reader, can switch thoughts when required. The main three building blocks of cognitive flexibility are – Adaptability, Confidence and Adjustment. So, people with the right balance of these will be in demand. 
  • Creativity – The foremost reason why some companies are ahead of others in business is certainly creativity. Creativity is not just writing, drawing or singing. There are people who are creative in the way they speak, the solutions they provide and the technology they build. Henceforth, some of the people, with high-order thinking skills and can offer creative solutions any time required will be in search by companies in the coming year.
  • Negotiations – As mentioned in the previous point, there are creative people who have excellent speaking power. These people draw the business profits by connecting with different other businesses. They are slightly different from naggers. These people use the right part of the brain to arrange words and frame sentences. Of course, they have fluency over the language they speak.
  • Emotional Intelligence – No work can be completed successfully only with pure skills. A person has to have ‘Emotional Intelligence’ to accomplish a day’s task. Not harassing any colleague, having enough empathy and sympathy while conversing, being polite, knowing where to stop and what to do to churn out the best from others. Work is not a child’s playground, it’s a battlefield, so staying alert is obvious. It also means not getting annoyed to any of the particular habits of others possess.
  • Team Player – Not to mention, without being a team player, a person is a total failure. Similar to a coliseum which cannot be built by one person, no industry work in the modern era can be completed successfully without a proper teamwork.
  • Influential – Nevertheless, we all somehow or in some kind follow leaders because they are influential. Leaders are influential in many ways – they are persuasive with unique personality, have great people managing skills, vigorous in every work they participate, have kindness towards others, and know-how to support when they find anyone falling.
  • Mind-set – A positive mind with every skill mentioned above is needed in the end. It creates a belief within oneself to perform without any hesitation. Forecasting any problem with a mind of positive thought gives the best result.

These are just few skills, rather qualities that employers will be looking for in the coming year. Need a job? Of course, you might have the requisite skills, but be lacking in the qualities like these. Try to read and know people, and start thinking positively. It helps!

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