Three Cloud Telephony Trends Shaping Business Communications

CIOReviewIndia Team | Monday, 06 January 2020, 13:36 IST

Three Cloud Telephony Trends Shaping Business CommunicationsIncreased demand for mobile workforce and enterprise mobility among modern-day businesses have led to the widespread adoption of cloud telephony solutions. The global cloud telephony services market is expected to reach USD 41,768.3 million mark by the end of 2026, says a research report by Transparency Market Research. “Business communication scenario is changing rapidly with the advent of cloud technologies. Enterprises are shifting to the advanced cloud telephony services from conventional telephony systems that offer limited call handling capabilities,” says Keshor Daga, Founder Big V Telecom Private Limited.         

In this age of globalization, businesses typically function from one location and leverage services from service providers from another area, in order to cater to their clients spread across different geographical locations. Hence, having in place a direct communication channel powered with advanced cloud technologies for real-time communication with end customers is of paramount importance for businesses. In this context let us have a look at some of the key cloud telephony trends that are shaping the business communication.            

Voice Bots for Better Customer Interactions

AI-enabled voice bots offers completely natural conversations to customers on cloud communication channels. Unlike the chat-bots, voice bots process the speech while the user is speaking, and simultaneously prepares responses to reply customers instantly without any unnatural gaps. Slowly, voice bots are emerging as tools that can interact with the end user at any given stage and address their needs. Apart from addressing the business needs, these voice bots are also serving as the personal assists by helping with tasks such as booking an appointment with doctor, booking movie tickets, scheduling a meeting etc., eliminating the need for human assistant to the maximum extent.     

Informed Decision Making with Voice Analytics

Voice analysis of the data gathered from cloud communication platforms enables businesses to understand the customer preferences and interests so as to take better decisions. Sentiment analysis and keyword analysis of recorded customer calls with analytics tools helps enterprises improve the communication in future customer interactions.    

Multi-lingual Customer Support                                  

Cloud telephony solutions with the help of cognitive technologies such as artificial intelligence are equipping businesses to offer customers multi-lingual support, eliminating the language barriers. Such multi-lingual cloud telephony solutions are gaining significance particularly in the countries like India where vernacular languages dominate mainstream languages such as English.

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