The Move towards Programmatic and Experiential Marketing

CIOReviewIndia Team | Monday, 27 July 2020, 02:16 IST

AdTech market landscape today is witnessing two types of scenarios. First one is where the technology advancements are always miles ahead of the existing infrastructure that would be required to support those innovations. And there is another one wherein the fast evolving infrastructure is causing innovators to leverage it in all the new ways possible. An example for the first scenario is out-of-home advertising. In this domain, the infrastructure development has yet to catch up with the pace of technology breakthroughs.

While in the second case, we can name mobile and web advertising wherein new potential grounds are being developed everyday where the customer can be reached and engaged with. The availability of data and the way it is being analyzed in real time to come to enlightening conclusions has made advertising strategies more acute and better defined. The year 2019 witnessed a spurt in demand for location based marketing and advertisements owing to the advancements in beacon technology and proximity marketing.

“Advertising technology’s maximum attribution lies in creating personalized and customized messaging for the consumer. Machine learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Data Science can help brands to intelligently target its customers. Thus to create tailored communication, according to customer preference they have to deal with data regulations and privacy issues. Contextual advertising amid all kinds of AdTech, has emerged as the most used, along with demographic targeting, geolocation targeting, and behavioral targeting,” says Amit Tiwari, VP Marketing, Havells India.

Programmatic advertising 

In 2020, the spotlight has shifted to programmatic advertising, making a case for contextual ad targeting, leveraging customer data analysis to arrive at precise targeting, and experiential marketing tactics to engage the target audience better. Moreover, as advertising technologies continue to aim at bringing about ease and efficiency throughout the process, it is now becoming a norm to consolidate the platforms in order to provide customers with integrated solutions.

Also, the surge in adoption of digital technologies is going to galvanize brands to be more upbeat about delivering on-demand high-quality digital customer experiences. Customer experience has metamorphosed from being a disruptive concept to an underlying basic component of the majority of digital strategies, compelling advertisers to seek new ways to acquire and retain customers.

With the engagement aspect now coming into the picture and getting factored in in all advertising strategies, the industry is about to witness a new wave of transformation which will discard the element of uncertainty of the advertisement being noticed and bring in the notion to precise targeting with exact details of eyeballs grabbed.

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