The Internet Revolution and DealsShutter Story

CIOReviewIndia Team | Thursday, 14 June 2018, 09:19 IST

digital technoInternet from quite a few whiles have been growing in every direction, and with time it will be no surprise if we are not going to have any paper left into our hand as most of the things are transferred to the Online department. The Internet has been used just for emails, and communication back in 1990’s but in 2000’s we started using it for making friends, and in 2010’s we have started using the internet for some different things including learning new things, meeting friends with Video Call and many more things. With time there came Search Engines, and they have been progressing so well that even today we are having those they are like the directory of the internet.

Search Engines have been expanding their database since they came out. They are small little objects over the internet who are meant to crawl every node they get on the Internet. The Internet is a vast place and if you want to get new things you need Search Engine. Search Engine uses a simple way of crawling to the last node of the tree and starting again with the first node to get every link fetched and stored for later use by the visitors who are searching for something on the internet.

From past couple of years, we got a new type of website which is known as E-Commerce Market. On the E-Commerce market, we have been buying things, but one of the most important reasons for using the Online Market is for the coupons and cash backs which we get from these markets.

Mostly these markets keep on running a different type of offers and contests where we can get a said amount of cash back over the things we purchase, and even we get coupons with which we can get a discount on the future purchases over the same E-Commerce Market.

There are many different places on the internet where you are going to get these cash back codes and coupons which you can use at check out so we can get some discounts.

There are many websites which offer us a list of different cash back codes and coupons for discounts also we can purchase these codes at lower pricing so that we can get a higher amount of offers.

 Cash Backs are the right amount which the companies offer to promote their products and also gives these codes to the influences so they can get the product at a lower price tag.

The Cashback Industry in India is worth more than 300 crore and has a growth rate of 18% much parallel to growth in E-Commerce market in India.

Increase in competition in e-commerce industry has helped audience to get huge discounts on varieties of products in the war of market share. The discounts are boosted by different coupon/cashback deals offered by other companies who are collaborated with e-commerce players on commission basis performance.

There are many different types of websites on the internet where you can get different types of coupons and cash back codes. You can head to any of the sites and get one which you like the most.

Here is one such startup that not only allows one to get discounts on online purchases but also in offline stores. Well, this is an innovation that will help DealsShutter to increase their market share in the space.  The stats prove it right as they have increased the sales by more than 30% as they have gone offline.

DealsShutter is led by Tarundeep Singh and provides best coupons and deals across categories such as Travel, movies, food, groceries, and much more. They are also affiliated to offline branded stores to help their users avail amazing benefits.

Do let us know in the comment section below if you are using cash backs and coupons on a regular basis. Also, let us know what do you think about this practice of e-commerce companies.

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