The Disruptive Force of eLearning and Gamification

CIOReviewIndia Team | Tuesday, 30 June 2020, 01:52 IST

Gamification is having a seminal impact on the e-learning industry. The manner in which it is making it interactive is taking e-learning to the next level, be it in the corporate sector or in the education segment. By enabling immersive learning experience, it has proven its efficacy in making learning action-oriented and objective driven, providing learners with a sense of achievement. Advent of technologies like AR and VR has further given a fillip to the growth and adoption of gamification based e-learning.                       

As per Technavio, the global gamification market is expected to grow by USD 17.76 billion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of 30 percent. Experts attribute major chunk of this growth to the adoption of gamification in e-learning. One of the primary areas of progress in this field has been the design part which piques the interest of the learner to the extent of its engagement ability. Through extraordinary designs and motivational approaches, gamification has also enhanced the employee on-boarding process, making it easier for the new employees to get acclimatized to the new work environment. In addition to on-boarding, gamification goes a long way in transforming staff training, boosting employee performance and enabling better remote work.     

Personalized and mobile learning  

In the age of enterprise mobility and BYOD, new avenues have opened up for the innovators in this segment to come up with groundbreaking solutions and help in expanding the reach of e-learning, in turn inculcating a culture of learning anywhere anytime. In fact, e-learning is metamorphosing into mobile learning and organizations are showing phenomenal zeal and zest to adopt this approach. What has given a considerable nudge to its development is the power to provide the learners with training of their choice and increasing popularity of micro-learning and video-based learning. Karl Kapp, a scholar and expert on the convergence of games, learning, and technology, says, “Gamification is not bounded by technology or the need to be delivered online; it doesn’t have to be digital. Instead, gamification is a design sensibility. Let’s think of gamification as a way of taking motivating elements from games and weaving those elements into instruction. These are elements like feedback loops, characters, freedom to fail and mastery of content.”  

Realizing the potential of this market segment and looking to tap into it, several players are venturing into this field. With a vision to transform the sector for the better, they are effectuating the required enhancements to redefine learning experiences.

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