The Blockchain School Bracing Up To See Its Pilot Launch In Mid 2019

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 30 April 2019, 06:07 IST

The Blockchain School Bracing Up To See Its Pilot Launch In Mid 2019

The Blockchain School is one of its kind e-learning platform dedicated to Blockchain education. The school is bracing up to see its pilot project launch in mid of 2019. This project aims to harvest the potential in Blockchain by providing the community a right set of knowledge alongside a favorable ecosystem, which will help the community to grow, expand and prosper in this rising technology segment and head towards a sustainable and a better future.

The people and enthusiasts are developing this platform into Blockchain and for the people who want to be the part of this rapidly evolving community. The founding team which includes four members, namely Saurabh Sharma, Vishwajeet Ranade, Kaivan Doshi, and Siddharth Joshi, believe that this platform will provide the community with adequate resources to learn Blockchain and make a great career into it as professionals. Saurabh is Asia Media Relations Advisor to Bitwings mobile Spain and has also founded Techie Scoops, which is a tech-media company. Vishwajeet is a tech-savvy artist, filmmaker, an independent researcher, digital media advisor to a theatre publication named RAD times, Head of Information at Techie Scoops and a United Nations Volunteer. Kaivan is a cybersecurity consultant, a social worker, an international quizzer and Head of Operations at Techie Scoops. Siddharth is an animator, award-winning filmmaker, and co-founder at Aajkal Theatre.

During the last quarter of 2017, the team Techie Scoops started covering Blockchain Niche in their blogs. Techie Scoops is a Non-Profit publication carrying a vision of spreading awareness about new technologies. As the group began covering more of Blockchain, they started understanding the potential underneath the hype. Meanwhile, the popularity of their articles grew, and Techie Scoops was one of the fastest rising publications from Asia that covered Blockchain in March 2018 as per the feedback from a Canadian publication named Cryptonicles.

The team then started studying from any and every available resource on Blockchain. While exploring Blockchain from available resources, Vishwajeet and Saurabh along with a third team member published a research paper on the usability of Blockchain in supply chain management in an international journal which was presented to various industry specialists in a Blockchain conference in Thailand. The experts appreciated the same. The articles and the research soon caught an eye of international conferences, and the team started getting invites for various events. Saurabh, being into networking turned those invites into partnerships, and later the team followed the same trend. The team partnered up with 15+ international conferences as media partners including Block Show 2018, European Blockchain Investment Congress 2019, Malta AI and Blockchain Summit 2019, Blockchain Life Singapore 2019, Blockhedge Asia 2018, Google Developers Group DevFest Pune India 2018, Stanford WiDS conference India 2019, Fortune Asia Mumbai 2019 and many more.

These partnerships took the team to different countries, and they explored the penetration of this technology since its introduction into the market and industries. The team understood that there is a massive demand for professionals trained in this technology segment and the supply of these professionals is inadequate. The same was emphasized in Recruitment Tech Mena Dubai 2018, which was an event where the Global HR Community Discussed on candidate screening processes, workforce analytics, etc. Techie Scoops was the sole Media Partner for this conference. Taking this demand-supply imbalance as a problem statement, the team started building a dedicated Blockchain learning platform “The Blockchain School” with extensive research into parameters like the market, content, subject matter, user acquisition, etc.

The project is expected to see its deployment in two phases. The first Phase being the pilot project and the second phase being the global launch. The platform will be a freemium subscription-based service. The courses included in the pilot project have already been structured and produced. The uniqueness of The Blockchain School came from the creative minds of the team as they decided to go for animated content which will facilitate a clear understanding of subject matter through versatile examples. The whitepaper of this project is set to launch in the first week of May 2019. Users can now subscribe on to receive the fresh copies of white paper as soon as it is released on the website. The platform development is in its end stages, and the testing is soon expected to begin to ensure the seamless and fast availability of the courses to the users. The services which come under the freemium subscription will be declared with the release of white paper.

Team “The Blockchain School” has released their introduction video on YouTube and is in the process to draw out maximum value from limited but available resources for the users with the launch of this platform. The team is confident about the cause behind the big step, and the team members are bracing themselves to face the market with the right skill set and maximum value to offer to the community.

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