The Best Way To Do Marketing For Your Dropshipping Business

CIOReviewindia Team | Wednesday, 03 June 2020, 06:08 IST

The Best Way To Do Marketing For Your Dropshipping Business

It’s time to promote it and let the world know that you’re open for business. There are so many options for marketing, and almost all of them will drive traffic to your online business. Over time, you’ll find which ones seem to work best, but let’s have a quick overview of some different options to get you familiar with them.

1. Content Marketing

This is a very popular and low cost strategy. Basically, you are using your site’s content like a relationship builder. Since not every customer is ready to buy from you immediately, having them see your content repeatedly can help them to feel more familiar with you and secure in their eventual choice to purchase from you. Think long-term marketing strategy with this approach.

Creating different tutorial videos to link to various products that you sell is a great example of how to use content marketing effectively. It helps to position you as an expert in your field, and people will often rely on your videos to learn about multiple products once they’ve watched just one.

Other forms of content marketing include ebooks, blog posts, podcasts, webinars, polls, templates, and quizzes.

2. SEO

As with content marketing, SEO isn’t likely to bring in a ton of customers on day one, but is more of a low cost, long-term strategy. Since SEO is all about driving new traffic to your site, think of keywords related to your niche, but also think much broader.

If your site is geared toward hiking or outdoor apparel, don’t just focus on keywords related directly to that, but use keywords related to camping, or fitness and weight loss also. It will help to really broaden your reach and exposure to potential customers who might not have thought about you otherwise.

Keeping your content current and updating it frequently is going to be key in successful SEO marketing. Adding SEO tools so you can do regular check-ups on your performance is easy and very helpful.

One other thing to note: be sure to keep your product descriptions original and not just copied from your supplier’s websites. Duplicate copy is penalized by search engines and will significantly drop you, or even remove you completely from the search rankings.

3. Social Media

While social media marketing may seem like the easiest of the options so far, it’s best to come at it from an organized and planned standpoint. You don’t want to just randomly throw darts at the board and hope to get a bullseye. Creating a content calendar can be very helpful here. There are also plugins and trackers you can use to help monitor your marketing success in this area. Remember though, you can only do things that are legal!

Each social media platform has a targeted audience. For example, if you’re a beauty supply retailer, you’re not likely to score the majority of your business on LinkedIn. Instead, look to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Think about what your marketing content looks like, how frequently you want to post, what tactics are going to get the best results, etc. Knowing your demographic is key. Women in the 44-55 age range have different needs and interests than those in the 22-28 age category. These groups will also be on different social networks as well.

These are three of the most popular methods of marketing your new business. Others to look into are:

  • online advertising
  • email marketing
  • public relations firms
  • collaborations or partnerships with other businesses
  • giveaways
  • video marketing

Whatever strategies you settle on, be sure to be diligent about monitoring your results so that you can continue to tweak and improve them to generate maximum results.

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