The A-Z of Dash Cams in India

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“In the modern world, we know so much about our celebrities and athletes and highly successful business owners. Does anyone know the inventor of GPS who made our daily lives so much easier?”

Everyone acknowledges the dangers of road and highways in India. It is better to have an extra pair of eyes in the form of dash cams to ensure safety. These devices record the video while you drive. Dash cam in India is gaining popularity in terms of security.

A dashcam is a camera mounted in your car to record videos of the front and rear depending upon its single and dual camera setup.

The A-Z of Dash Cams in India

Installing a dashcam in your car can become invaluable as it adds an extra layer of security. Whether you are worried about your family’s safety or you want to keep an eye on your kids who have recently got their license; dash cams are of great help.

Things To Know About Dash Cams

A dashcam is typically a camera setup which can be mounted on the dashboard, windshield or in the rear of the car. Apart from its main aspect, dash cams also have various other features such as GPS and WiFi connectivity, real-time alerts, smart recording, and more.

Reasons For Installing a Dashcam In Your Car:

Dashcams in India are of great help to feel our loved ones secure. There are many reasons to install dash cams in India, such as:

  • Encourage better driving
  • Keep an eye on the safety of kids who are chauffeur-driven
  • Video storage for playback
  • Dispute resolution
  • Protection of kids learning to drive

The device has more in the store apart from the reasons and features mentioned above.

Types of Dash Cams in India:

There are two types of dash cams in India which are becoming of frequent use.

Single Lens Dashcam
The single-lens dashcam is mounted in the front widescreen which records videos of the way ahead while you drive.

Dual Lens dashcam
The dual-lens setup dashcam is mounted both in front and rear widescreen to record videos while you or your chauffeur is driving.

There are many such dash cams in India, but the device with the dual setup is more reliable than the other. One such device available in the market is KENT CamEye, which offers various features.

Some of the features of KENT CamEye are:

  • Dual camera setup records high-quality video of inside and outside which in turn ensures the safety of your loved ones
  • Smart face recognition feature enables you to view the driver and passengers seated in your car
  • The device offers GPS tracking and cloud storage
  • AI-based smart alerts give updates whenever an unauthorized person sits in the driving seat, or there are loud cabin noises and temperature increase
  • You can stay connected to your car from anywhere around the globe
  • With the live-streaming feature of the device, you can locate your loved ones

KENT CamEye has a plug and play setup, which can be easily connected to your mobile phones with an internet connection.

Keep Your Loved Ones Protected

Buying a dashcam can never been easy, but you can keep above pointers in mind.There are many other features device possess which can ensure safety, especially if you have kids who are chauffeur-driven everywhere they go. Keeping our loved ones protected is always everyone’s priority.

Make it easy by installing dash cams and know their whereabouts every time they are out.

With its single or dual camera setup, a dashcam records everything inside-out of the vehicle while driving. The recorded videos are then stored either in the memory chip or cloud storage.

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