The Advantage of IGTV For the Media Publishers

CIOReview Team | Monday, 27 May 2019, 09:20 IST

The Advantage of IGTV For the Media Publishers

Instagram has grown to make itself a favorable choice for the new generation. It has been a year of business as usual for Instagram with new updates and features. It has continued to become one of the popular social media platforms.

With rising popularity, Instagram came up with the feature of Instagram TV or IGTV. It is a standalone app as well available as longform and vertical video section on Instagram. Individuals or brands can upload the videos on IGTV to reach out to the new or existing users.

It is an amalgamation of video feature as seen on other social media platforms. The videos on IGTV are shown in vertical format with the full-screen format and the brands or individuals can host them just like the stories. It can be liked or commented by the users just like any other Instagram post or it can be sent easily via direct message. The videos can time between 15 seconds to 1 hour and is an extended Instagram story.

IGTV or Instagram TV not just gives users an opportunity for longer videos but it is the platform the delivery of studio-made content and could be rival to the existing broadcasting channels or on- demand video portals like Netflix.

Benefits of IGTV to the News Publishers

One of the foremost reasons for the use of IGTV by the media houses is the reach. It gives them the platform to deliver the content to the video-savvy young generation. Media publishers have been utilizing the Instagram stories and short videos for the news and they have got some unbeatable results. With Instagram TV, it gives them the chance to increase their reach. 

There is an advertising potential in the platform and news companies can repurpose their content for Instagram TV. As far as the publishers are concerned, it is an extension for their conventional methods of broadcasting. Daily Mail and The Guardian are already posting their content on IGTV. Other major publishing houses like BBC and The Economist have started tweaking the videos for the Instagram TV platform.

Major Niches for Media Houses

Food and fashion are the core niches for the Instagram audience and followers. So, for the publishers, it adds more value in posting the content related to Instagram’s core niches. Already there are examples of news companies amassing a huge following for their studio-based content. Another news publisher with the major in business and tech news has used the platform for the food-based footages.

Magazine publishers have used the Instagram long-form video platform for the digital display of their content. Some may take through the quick tour of the magazine while others might look forward to an in-depth look at the new publication.

It would be interesting to see how the video arm of Instagram, IGTV will grow in the coming years. Already people from other industries like musicians are using IGTV to post their songs and music. Youtubers are also creating videos for the Instagram page.

It is definitely confirmed that the publishing industry can benefit a lot from this feature and it has shown a lot of potentials.

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