The 10 Effective Qualities of a Team Leader

CIOReviewindia Team | Tuesday, 13 August 2019, 05:46 IST

The 10 Effective Qualities of a Team Leader

An effective team leader should possess some qualities that encourage the other members of your team to perform their duties in a proper manner. In every team, there remains a group of people with diverse personalities. As a good team leader, you must possess the capability to put these different temperaments and shape it in a powerful resource. But it is never an easy task and you must have some inborn qualities for becoming a successful team leader. You must know all those qualities that can make you a good team leader. If you do not find any template that show you those qualities then you do not need to worry about as in this article we have come up with ten effective qualities of a team leader which are as follows:

1. Open and Honest: If you want to be a good team leader then you must be very open and honest. Your team member will never trust you if they can sense a tiny fickle of dishonesty. Until and unless your team members do not have faith in you it will never possible to get the best out of them. You must openly communicate with each and every member of your team and listen to their problems and take necessary actions.

2. Fair and impartial: Being a team leader it is very essential to treat each and every member of your team fairly. You should not keep any room for any kind of partiality or biases in your team. If you are fair and impartial you will be able to keep your teammates happy and when they will be happy they can automatically try to give their best. So try to possess these qualities if you desire to be a successful team leader.

3. Appreciative: You must also be appreciative and should always appreciate your team member if they do some good work. Your appreciation will not only make give them a positive feeling but also motivate them to continue to do the good work.

4. Positivity and enthusiasm: You must possess the qualities of positivity and should always be enthusiastic. At the time of dealing any matter with the teammates, you must have an optimistic approach and courageous aura as these qualities are an essential feature of a high-performance team. As a team leader, you should never afraid to take the new challenges and you should never shy away from taking any unpopular options.

5. Focus and evaluate: As a team leader it is your duty to make a careful examination of how the team members of your team are performing and in what areas they need improvement. A good team leader you always need to focus on the improvement of his team. You should remember that the success of your team can only lead to your success.

6. Attentive and responsive: Another great quality that you need to possess for becoming a successful team leader is to be very attentive and responsive. A good team leader always remains alert and attentive about the requirement of his team members and ensures that their work does not hamper due to a shortage of anything. You should be highly responsive all the times.

7. Flexibility: As a good team leader you must be flexible and you should be able to adjust with kind of situation. You must know how to act, when to act and where to act. If you cannot change and adapt according to the circumstances you can never be a successful team leader. So, you should always try to possess this quality.

8. Patient and Understanding: As a good team leader you must have patience and should have an understanding nature. You must keep yourself calm and give enough time to your team member to improve. You should try to understand the situation of the team member and provide him or her enough support as per his or her condition. At the same time, you must also know how to deal with the matter in a strict manner whenever required.

9. Self-improvement: A good team leader never stops learning. As a team leader of your team, you must have the willingness to learn new skills that can help your team in achieving the goals. Good team leader always tries to change with time by adapting the various new skills and technologies that are coming up every day. You should always make sure that you are perfectly fit for your position.

10. Commitment and action: As a team leader you must be committed and dedicated towards your work. You should always remember that actions always speak louder than words and as such rather than talking you should take prompt action.

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