Technology To Be A Game Changer In Driving Efficiency And Productivity For HR Professionals

By CIOReviewIndia Team | Monday, 20 January 2020, 12:14 IST

Technology To Be A Game Changer In Driving Efficiency And Productivity For HR ProfessionalsWith numerous advancements in technology over the years, technology integration into Human Resource management system has become an utmost need of the hour to bring efficiency and productivity in HR Departments across businesses which will aid in automating critical HR processes right from hiring to retiring; today, manually searching across sea of data to hire required talent and managing manually is becoming more or less obsolete day by day. Hiring talented employees is the most important aspect that defines a business’ success, and, technology driven HRMS has proven just the required solution for the current world of business to automate many of HR processes to bring in efficiency and productivity by hiring the right talent for a particular post in a relatively shorter amount of time.

As there are various phases during recruitment/hiring, sometimes it turns into a very tiresome process - HR professionals to review numerous resumes and analyze to befitting talent can be burdensome and time waste. Automating this process can prove very effective in saving much needed time, thereby bringing efficiency and productivity, similarly. HR Chatbots has been successful in interacting with candidates during hiring and on-boarding which helps HR professionals to save time in such mundane works.

Today, it is not just about automating a hiring process of an candidate, but it is actually on how technology can track and analyze the complete tenure of an employee right from the time of his/her hiring to retiring. Next generation technologies such as Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligent, Chabot, among others have completely changed how HR Professionals used to communicate with the candidates and how candidates used to get managed after getting on-boarded. Furthermore, one of the important aspects to stay relevant with the current market is the regular training and up-skilling of employees of one’s business, HRMS will provide a better experience and learning environment for employees through gamification and other digitally driven innovations. If we speak about integration of Data Analytics in HRMS, it will eradicate any bias recruiting and other evils related to the process through real-time data about the candidate. Moreover, it will further provide a transparent view of employees’ entire life cycle in a company, hence making them more productive and connected with the company, throughout.

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