Tata Motors Launches New Powertrain Technology

CIOReviewIndia Team | Thursday, 26 September 2019, 04:50 IST

CIOReviewIndia TeamTata Motors has recently developed an electric powertrain technology which will power all the electric vehicles manufactured by the company in future. The powertrain technology called ZIPTRON has already been tested for 1 million kilometres. Some of its salient features are: efficient high voltage system, swift performance, long range, fast charging capability, battery with warranty of eight years, and adherence to IP67 standard. The powertrain has been developed by the company to suit Indian road conditions. It has a permanent magnet AC motor with a dust and waterproof battery system. It is also going to use smart regenerative braking which recovers energy under braking to charge the battery.

Automakers in India are being encouraged to build EVs in an effort to curb high pollution in several cities and also to bring down its fuel import bill. Tata Motors said EVs built using the new powertrain technology will have a range of 250 kilometers on a single charge and the company will offer a warranty of eight years on the batteries.    

Speaking at the launch, Guenter Butschek, CEO & MD, Tata Motors said, “We are proud to present this state-of-art technology brand - ZIPTRON, which has been designed in-house while utilizing our global engineering network. At the heart of our future EV line-up, this technology will deliver a thrilling driving experience to our customers aspiring to go-green. Rigorously tested across 1 million kms, ZIPTRON technology is well proven, advanced and reliable. With this technology, we hope to usher in a new wave of eMobility in India and accelerate faster adoption of EVs, supporting the Government's vision.”   

Shailesh Chandra, President - Electric Mobility Business & Corporate Strategy said, “Every vehicle made using the ZIPTRON technology will at least have a range of 250 km, in order to address the issue of range anxiety that EVs are otherwise saddled with. The battery, which accounts for the “single biggest cost of an EV”, will have a warranty of eight years, along with the motor. Vehicles developed on this platform will also be capable of fast charging. To address the safety concerns surrounding EVs, these vehicles will conform to the IP67 standard — “the highest standards as far as waterproofing and dusting is concerned.”

“This is how we intend to break the barriers that exist today and make EVs desirable for Indian consumers and make it a mainstream choice,” added Chandra. “3.3 million passenger vehicles were sold in the country in 2018, on account of an increase in personal disposable income and low penetration, but, out of this, only 2,027 vehicles sold were EVs. This means that we are at very early stages of the evolution of electric vehicles,” he explained.

With the launch of ZIPTRON, Tata Motors has unleashed its ZIPTRON Freedom 2.0 campaign which aims at highlighting how this technology breaks existing barriers and provides freedom from pollution, addresses range anxiety, and offers enhanced driving performance.

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