Solace to be interoperable with IBM middleware technologies

CIOReview Team | Monday, 01 June 2015, 10:11 IST

 Solace Systems, a provider of message-oriented middleware appliances has announced that its products will be interoperable with IBM middleware technologies in order to help companies leverage big data, cloud, e-commerce, mobility and Internet of Things. This move enable Solace message routers to be integrated with WebSphere MQ –an IBM standard for program-to-program messaging across multiple platforms –and it supports native integration with IBM Integration Bus and IBM WebSphere Application Server via Java Messaging Service (JMS). This allows organizations to switch existing applications from WebSphere MQ-based messaging to Solace without changing any code. Solace contributes to simpler architecture and operation by providing a single platform for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), JMS, Representational State Transfer (REST), Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT), mobile, desktop and Wide Area Network (WAN). Its fault tolerance and fast failovers ensure higher availability, and it offers integrated replication for disaster recovery without Storage Area Network (SAN) storage replication. Also, message routers can handle the workload of multiple WebSphere MQ queue managers and thereby lead to a reduced datacenter footprint. The message router’s in-built virtualization ability allows applications and queue managers to share the capacity of each message router and makes it a cost effective option. “Solace also provides a path for companies to upgrade the performance, improve the behavior and lower the cost of ownership of legacy applications by selectively migrating applications from MQ to Solace where it makes sense to do so,” says Shawn McAllister, CTO, Solace.

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