Smartpur: A mission to digitalize 500 villages

CIOREVEIW TEAM | Monday, 21 May 2018, 07:30 IST

digial villageTo drive India to a fully digital world, a New Delhi based Digital empowerment foundation with the support of Nokia has initiated a “Smartpur” project to make 500 villages digital across the five states of India. It is a one-year pilot project based on a hub and spoke model.  Nokia will be providing the facilities like connectivity to enable applications in the domains of healthcare, governance, education, livelihood, digital finance, and entertainment. Telemedicine and digital literacy services will be provided through e-content to the rural people and to train them for the future, vocational and life skills training will be provided. The deployment of the project will be conducted in phases. During the phase one, 20 villages of Haryana and Tamil Nadu will be digitalized and integrated into a hub and spoke model. Tamil Nadu will be the hub with telecom connectivity to host a digital center.  In Phase two, the number raises to 80 villages across various state and within a period of 5 years, it will be extended to 400 villages.

Ambassador of Finland to India Nina Vaskunlahti inaugurated the project in Tain village of Nuh district Haryana. “Smartpur project is a significant step in that direction which will integrate these villages and rural communities, providing digital tools and internet connectivity for a social and economic impact that truly makes a village smart and foster a digitally inclusive society,” she said after the inauguration.

According to the international Telecom Union ICT (information and communications technology), out of the total 20 percent of households in developed countries and around 66 percent of households of developing countries do not have an internet connection. In India, the numbers are around a billion households without an internet connection. With Smartpur project, Nokia is empowering India in the mission of making digital India which was initiated by the PM of India, Narendra Modi. The project will be focused more on the digital infrastructure rather the rural infrastructure and rural people will be provided with guidelines to use the technology to improve their efficiencies in their daily lives. The main motto of the project is to integrate the technologies in their existing processes and practices to enable a better life and contribute to the well being of villages. 

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