SevenMentor: Creating a Better Tomorrow In Education

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SevenMentor: Creating a Better Tomorrow In Education

As quoted- “In Education- Technology Can Be a Life-changer, a Game Changer for Humans for Better Humanity” The kind of life we are enjoying at present is a result of technical development and education that evolved continuously up-gradation of science and IT worldwide.”(PEDAGOGY)-the method and practice of teaching” have enhanced our lives and in comparison to the past, the present things are now Better, Faster, Easier and Conducive.

With an expeditious pace of transformation, right now, "SevenMentor & Training Pvt Ltd" claims to be one of the efficient organizations in technical training. Profess of being a Worlds No.1 training institution, primarily centered on all IT and HR Services training, SevenMentor has improvised a tendency to cope with all International Standards within their courses, by engaging both ends of the industry for students, professionals, and individuals to corporate clients

SevenMentor Pvt Ltd is a US-based company, an associate company of Shilpa Systems in Virginia, USA. established in the year 2012 in Pune, Maharashtra, India. .Provide leadership and IT Training courses to the students, professionals and corporate clients. The moto behind establishing SevenMentor was to support the world in creating a better tomorrow in the education industry. SevenMentor is driven by the upmost industry experts named- “ Mr. Praveen Baheti” and “Mr. Pawan Bhosikar”. Consequently providing quality education to Pune and spreading its wings to pan India. Aims to create an education industry that will make sure that education is the right for all. To take SevenMentor one step ahead and to convert it into successful organization Mr. Pawan Bhosikar has two strong pillars associated with him, named Ms. Neelam Lokhande and Ms. Nisha Mandot. SevenMentors works on transparent line of vison To evolve and position SevenMentor as Class Progressive, cost-effective and student-friendly institution providing career-oriented IT-enabled Training along with the Placements. And To be an ethical organization in the industry through vocational and skill development programs for training the youth of our country for employability & entrepreneurship by innovation, involvement, and commitment. With on-going passing years, SevenMentor has authenticated itself as an organization where transparency, trust, teamwork, belief, commitment, and innovation are valued and promoted.

SevenMentor is driven by the team’s passion for education, training, and development and 100% commitment to excellent service. SevenMentor provides a quality needs-based learning program that helps students and professionals to enhance their skills and to achieve their professional and career goals. SevenMentor has provided training for over 10,000+ participants from different cities. Employees are the most critical resource, here everyone ensures that all the programs are expertly promoted, organized, implemented and should be enhanced and upgraded according to the market industry standard. We, at SevenMentor, are committed to enhancing more towards the satisfaction of the students in regards to the training and more quality education. We provide different courses like Software Development, Networking, HR Training and German, French Language classes along with these courses we do provide HR and BPO Services. To process of being a Worlds No.1 Training and Placement Institute, principally fixated on system security and systems administration related associated courses. SevenMentor has libbed a propensity to adapt to every single International Standard inside their courses, by drawing in the two parts for fresher students, graduates and undergraduates experts and people to corporate customers. The institute conjointly gives chance inside their instructive projects to address and meet the needs of the students and professionals with market trends. SevenMentor is core oriented diversified organization consist of its functioning in various domains. like Networking, Software Development, Soft Skills, HR Training, Banking, Big data Hadoop, Digital Marketing, CAD-CAM, Cloud Computing, Job Guarantee Packages, German, French Language Recruitment- BPO Recruitment, IT Recruitment, Non-IT Recruitment. IT Services - Network Solutions-Enterprise Network Solution, Enterprise Security Solutions, Network Auditing, Network Consulting Services, CCTV Solutions SevenMentor has core functioning in various domains. The main four departments are Networking Department, Software Development, Soft Skills, and HR Training.

SevenMentor was uniquely into the Networking area yet gradually and continuously it began developing into different departments according to the needs of the developing business and market industry. So as to have thorough information in regard to a specific domain, it is fundamental to have the ideas clear and furthermore simultaneously being cutting-edge according to modern standards is proportionally significant. So where do you clear your ideas? SevenMentor Training Institute is a one-stop answer for such necessities. For better acknowledge of every sector lets discuss briefly over all four branches of SevenMentor.

The first training department is Networking Shell. Technology keeps changing dynamically the manner we have a tendency to live and work. Trainers from SevenMentor have a hands-on networking and wireless training program. Networking Courses can assist you to realize skills to implement, support, optimize and defend networks, whereas making ready for industry-recognized networking and wireless certifications together with CWNP, Wireshark, Cisco, VMware, CompTIA's A+ and Network+ certifications.

The second training department is Software Development. All over the world, the IT industry has created noteworthy demand in the Indian education industry, particularly in engineering and computer science departments. The technology sector is booming so coding skills are in high demand, with programming skilled job. Trainer from SevenMentor will cover concepts from basics to advanced level for all the software related courses. SevenMentor provides certificate after each of the course so doing diploma/certificate courses will show prospective employers that students are capable of handling various challenging tasks. Here again, SevenMentor fills the need of being an IT Training Institute.

The third department is Soft Skills. Sometimes soft skills training is often overlooked. It is viewed as that getting specialized learning is adequate for finding a generously compensated line of work and furthermore even to get opportune advanced in an association. The central point which are personal attributes that enhance an individual’s interactions, job performance, and career prospects. SevenMentor recognizes the vital role of soft skills play within the team and not only works on developing them within yourself, but it will encourage development throughout the SevenMentor organization. The modern workplace has a relational powerful that can't be disregarded. SevenMentor understands the modern workplace and the need for soft skills so SevenMentor started Soft Skills as the third department.

The fourth department is HR Training. Human Resource is one of the foremost vital resources that each organization considers an asset. The better human asset an organization has, the better it performs. Henceforth, in the course of the most recent decade, HR training has assumed a key job in improving faculty for each organization that requirements equipped human assets as a major aspect of their development system. Being a company SevenMentor has turned out to be basic that each organization or institute must have an expertly qualified HR coach. As the significance of HR training has expanded in the course of the most recent decade, HR experts have proceeded onward to wind up had some expertise in various zones of HR exercises like Rewards Specialists, Compensation and Benefits Strategists, Recruitment Analyst and Learning and Development as opposed to being a conventional HR coach. So SevenMentor comes up with the fourth department as HR Training.

Above mentioned the four pillars of education comprise all in SevenMentor to engrave benchmark in the educational hub. Having such a vast exposure in pan-industry the organizations has the plus benefit of recruitment shell, that provides jobs to candidates looking for the employment opportunity for various companies such as BPO's, IT and Non-IT.

Along with all these pieces of training, placement and recruitment SevenMentor has effectively planted its underlying foundations in the grounds on IT services - Network Solutions such as Enterprise Network Solution, Enterprise Security Solutions, Network Auditing, Network Consulting Services, CCTV Solution.

Seven mentor commits to line a benchmark within the Classroom Training by remodeling the means of coaching which are procured, consumed and measured.

The corporate aims to be the popular coaching vender to facilitate each individual and company to all their learning essentials and feel gratified in becoming a marketplace for network learners and specialists to scale back the Total value of Learning and Return on Investment (ROI).

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