Sci-Fi Movies turning into Reality with Tech and Innovation

Samrat Pradhan (Correspondent) | Friday, 11 September 2020, 13:20 IST


We humans are continuously evolving slowly from the time inmemorable. However, these few years have been clearly the most fast paced and technology driven in the history of humans. We are rapidly advancing towards a completely data driven operations with integration of various tools and technologies to aid us in our day-to-day work irrespective of which industrial segment one caters to. 

When it comes to Sci-Fi movies and other stuff, it breaks out of the physics and materialistic world to show us how the technology would look like if we were to advance to that level. Hence nonetheless, even if we are not at the same level with the Sci-Fi movies, we as humans are really achieving at least some part of it; giving hopes for more discoveries and building that one technology that could change the world completely like never before.   

Today, Sci-Fi influencing real-time tech and innovation has to be taken as a consideration whereas we can indeed take it as an informal drive to at-least reach somewhere. And lately, as we are witnessing, we are seeing numerous advancements and evolution across industries due to the integration of next-generation technology. Technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Blockchain, Big Data, Analytics, among others have become a buzz word in the market. However, if we turn our previous pages, we can see movies that showed a glimpse of this futuristic evolution nearly a decade ago. 

So talking about the technologies, here are some of the technological benefits which are pretty related to the SciFi movies which were released decades back: 

  • By increasing productivity, workplace technology is going to eradicate inequality by making it hard to find work, or it’s going to deepen inequality even more. 
  • It is also expected that the internet is going to deliver  us an unparalleled freedom of information and expression. While there is also a theory that it’s going to consign us to surveillance and manipulation.
  • Enabling humans to do other fun activities such as traveling, sports, and many more, mobile devices will liberate us from our desks. While considering it from the other side, it is also expected that it will become one of the most problematic digital distractions for humans. 
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