Samsung makes industry record for 5G data speeds, touches 5.23GBps

CioreviewIndia team | Friday, 05 March 2021, 10:41 IST

SamsungSmartphone maker, Samsung Electronics, made an industry record in 5G data speeds on March 3, achieving 5.23GBps download speeds on a single device.

The company tested a technology, called E-UTRAN New Radio Dual Connectivity (EN-DC), which combined 5G and 4G networks to enhance data speeds. Samsung combined 40Hz of 4G frequency and 800MHz of 5G frequency in mmWave spectrum to complete its test.

The demonstration was done using the Samsung Galaxy S20+ smartphone, which supports both 4G and 5G connectivity. It’s worth noting though that these were ideal test conditions, so the test doesn’t really signify speeds that users will get in real time. In fact, this is exactly how firms determine peak speeds for particular network technologies.

The EN-DC technology is meant to help operators use both 4G and 5G bands to maximize their networks’ efficiency. It could help telcos who are making the move from Long Term Evolution (LTE)/4G to 5G networks, to strengthen data speeds and pick up their overall service. For instance, a telco might take months or years to move to a full 5G network, it could increase overall data speeds by using both networks.

Experts have said that 2020 will see a proliferation of 5G smartphones in various countries. As per the Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker by the International Data Corporation (IDC), India saw over three million shipments of 5G smartphones in 2020, out of a total of 150 million units.

Analysts said though the overall market for smartphones saw a modest decline (of 1.7% year-over-year) for the first time since 2009, the 5G smartphone market grew between 2019 and 2020.

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