Restaurant POS Systems - Top Trends for 2019

CIOReviewindia Team | Friday, 23 August 2019, 12:30 IST

Restaurant POS Systems - Top Trends for 2019

A Restaurant POS is an intrinsic part of your restaurant operations. It does not just take care of the billing, ticketing, invoicing, tax management but also provides crucial data for holistic restaurant solutions.

Be it analytics, loyalty and CRM and more which together helps in better decision making and in turn better operational management, a POS solves for everything.

These are potential growth drivers which are often overlooked because of the hectic nature of the restaurant business.

A POS system has a simple and clear goal - facilitate the operations process helping you with daily-repetitive chores. In addition to that, combine your customer data with operations data to bring out significant actionable insights for better restaurant management and ease of operations.

And like any other industry, keeping up with the latest trends is crucial. We are eager to see some interesting highlights coming to surface in the restaurant POS tech-scene, going forth 2019.

1.Less hardware dependency

Relying on bulky and ugly machinery which always occupied huge space in your restaurant is a thing of the past now, as POS comes on mobile devices and is completely portable. Not just all devices (tablets, phones) are supported for POS installation, but the operating system is not a problem either. It just works on all OS, any device.

Servers often move from one table to another, using tabs to take orders from customers. A portable POS enables them to recommend better on what is hot on the menu and what other customers are mostly ordering from their restaurant.

In the olden days, the waiter-notebook system used to go as far as making manual intimations every time new orders came in. It resulted in chaos and was not easy to navigate mostly. Whereas a modern tablet POS system makes it a breeze as the orders are forwarded to the kitchen automatically, thus reducing order processing time and chances of table flip.

Key benefits -

1.Reduced machinery which in turn means less depreciation and financial costs
2.Clutter-free space and,
3.Fewer chances of going obsolete with your technology as POS gets updated on the go, automatically.

2.The Cloud Restaurant POS System

A cloud POS system has the following features, all of which are proven advantages over a traditional POS -

1.Online at all times-

Making updates from anywhere is possible due to this.NO need of physical presence in your restaurant to make crucial changes, a POS once installed in your device allows you to be consistently in control, regardless of your vicinity in the restaurant premises.

2.No huge upfront investment required -

Unlike traditional POS, there is no need to pay substantial set-up costs and find yourself under a financial burden. A cloud POS allows your monthly payment due to a flexible, subscription-based model. This further gives you the ease of opting out in case you are not satisfied with the service.

3.Consistent OTA updates -

No need to fret about going out-dated with your POS as it frequently gets updated on the cloud without ever making a mess out of anything.

4.Increased security and storage capacities -

Having your data backed-up on the cloud is always a good idea, and POS systems are no different. Secure and reliable servers have more storage capacities than your local on-premise servers which can crash down anytime leaving you with no back-up whatsoever. Also, no one can tamper your data on the cloud without proper authorization. Hence, safer than ever.

5. Offline operations mimic online operations -

This means that even if someday your internet goes off, your data for the day will be safely stored and get auto-synced with the cloud once the online connection resumes. Surely the best feature so far.

Recap - Why does your restaurant need a cloud POS system?

1.Quick and error-free order management
2.Safer data management
3.Offline and online operability
4. Auto-OTA updates to stay relevant tech-wise

3.Restaurant Table-side ordering

Tableside ordering is now possible with cloud point-of-sale software.No more waving frantically at the waiter and waiting for him/her to take notice until you can order that extra pint of beer you have been craving. With table-side ordering enabled, you can simply click and order your beer at the table itself. Cheers (literally)!

Table-side Ordering offers comfort to both your servers and your customers.Customers enjoy the ease of order placing and servers get to take orders without much hassle and errors.

The intel you gain on the order dynamics such as what items are bought together frequently, and what times are best for certain dishes or items when they are ordered massively during a certain time of the day is the core data on which most of your marketing and retention campaigns will be based.

Here are the main benefits of a Table Ordering System :

1.Enhanced customer experience
2. Quick kitchen-order intimations
3.Low staff reliance
4.More data collected on customer

The best POS system is one which can power your whole business. Also, works with all your key operational areas – Analytics, Feedback, Loyalty, CRM. A useful and in-time update to your POS will be the key to driving your restaurant towards growth in 2019.

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