Recruitment Statistics in India 2019: Trends And Insights

CIOReviewindia Team | Tuesday, 20 August 2019, 11:46 IST

Recruitment Statistics in India 2019: Trends And Insights

Technology has dramatically impacted the way a lot of things are done, and recruitment is one of them. Long gone are the days when companies used recruitment agencies to find suitable talent for different positions. Today, a company can easily recruit qualified candidates by leveraging the Internet and social media platform. Even so, India still has the highest unemployment rate since the 1970s. Despite the Internet’s connectivity, that allows candidates to create and showcase their portfolio for interested employers, India still has a job problem.

However, the hiring process today is seamless and fast. That not only benefits organizations but professionals as well. For instance, professional writers today can easily find freelance writing jobs that allow them to earn a living while leading a flexible lifestyle. Finding jobs are now accessible because the Internet connects professionals with suitable employers.

Why India Is Lagging Behind

So why is India lagging behind? What could be the explanation behind their high unemployment rate? Individuals between 15-29 years can barely fend for themselves despite their professional qualifications. The youth keep moving to urban India to find jobs which are nowhere to be found.

A country’s economic growth greatly depends on youth employment. Individuals under 35 years make up a considerable percentage of any country’s population. It’s hard to accelerate economic growth when the workforce cannot accommodate youths. Many are languishing in poverty as relevant authorities ignore the demographic dividend which should guide recruitment processes.

What Is The Root Of India’s Job Problem?

The steady increase is the number of unemployed youth is worrying, and people are wondering whether to blame the government or the economy. The truth is, it’s a little bit of both. India’s bureaucracy does not support entrepreneurship, and this hinders job creation and self-employment.

India’s job problem runs deep, and it’s not something that can be solved overnight. To top it all off, the government has maintained a tendency of making promises and forgetting to follow them through.

A significant setback is the 2016 cancellation of 500 and 1,000 rupee notes. That operation was meant to cut off the circulation of illegal money, but it ended up as a serious cash crisis. It turns out that these notes accounted for a significant percentage of India’s currency in circulation. The cut-off greatly affected small businesses. Businesses that pay employees in cash had to lay off many workers, and most of them were youths.

Another policy that crippled India’s economy is the July 2017’s goods and services tax (GST). The single tax replacing several levies was to make life easier for businesses. Instead, improper implementation caused small businesses to suffer a lot.

Why Should You Adopt New Recruitment Trends

Today's fast-paced world requires you to be on your toes, or you'll be left behind, like India.Each year brings with it fresh sets on recruitment trends, and 2019 is not any different. Being aware of the new trends gives you the time to prepare for implementation. Many organizations and companies that refused to go with the flow are no longer existent because upcoming companies took their place. Besides, you don't want to be a loser as companies strive to win the best talent in the market.

Unlike the past where companies didn’t have to package themselves to win over the best talent,today, it’s different because the market is candidate-driven. Each company needs the best professionals in the field to maintain their hard-earned reputation. Hiring non-professionals puts you at risk of losing your clientele to rival businesses.

Professionals today know their value, and they refuse to settle for less. Even as a significant player in the industry, you have to prove to experts that you’ll add value to their careers. Finding ideal candidates in the market is no longer a walk in the park because the paradigm has changed. Instead of organizations picking talent, professionals choose which company they want to work with.

How Do You Find High-Quality Job Candidates?

Candidates today are treated as customers. You need to put yourself in the professionals’ shoes. Would you choose your company over rival businesses? Companies can no longer get away with mistreating employees, as well as paying qualified professionals less than they deserve.

To find qualified job candidates, you need to implement a tactical recruitment marketing strategy. If this is an unfamiliar term, chances are you are not alone. A recruitment marketing strategy is one that nurtures and attracts the talent your company requires to thrive.

Having such a strategy in place is essential because it helps you leverage the latest recruitment trends in the market. As a company, you’re going to face challenges when it comes to finding ideal professionals. Recruitments strategies offer you practical solutions that help you overcome these challenges. Correctly implementing recruitment strategies can allow you to attract the right talent.

Final Thought

Today’s digital-fast world puts talent first. For this reason, each employee needs to stay abreast with the latest recruitment trends to win the best candidates. India is a living proof that failing to adopt a new recruitment strategy can cripple an entire country’s employment sector.

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