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CIOReviewIndia Team | Wednesday, 11 September 2019, 06:07 IST

CIOReviewIndia TeamInformation Management is fast reforming the education sector. It is at the forefront of altering academia in India, especially examination marking and assessment processes. This, in conjunction with eLearning, is changing the way education is imparted and how assessments can truly be a mirror for subjects to know where they stand.

Universities and examination boards are migrating towards easing the examination process by making them more student friendly, gravitating towards multiple choice and objective type questions. A very popular mode that many examination boards now use are OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) test sheets in which students can select the right answer from the choices given by shading the OMR bubbles. This enables the OMR software to derive accurate results, post scanning. In India, OMR test sheets are now the preferred way for most competitive examinations, as they produce accurate and swifter results.

This has sparked a demand for a combination of innovative software and high speed state-of-the-art scanning solutions with superior image quality, as this is critical to producing accurate results. Keeping this in mind, Qwizpad, a leading ISV, who uses OMR technology in their software solutions, has developed a modern software which helps evaluate OMR test sheets automatically, as per the answer key and defined marking scheme, leaving no scope for error. A user friendly software, that is easy to operate, the evaluation process is quick and is 100% accurate with features like integration with the Student Management System and Anti-Cheat Question generation technique. This makes Qwizpad’s solution useful even in a recruitment examination assessment process.

"Qwizpad's new On Screen Marking software will be launching soon and we are looking forward to our continued association as they offer excellent service. Kodak Alaris' state-of-the-art scanning solutions have helped Qwizpad extract valuable insights from the content with ease which has allowed for increased efficiency, thereby allowing us to service our customers better."

The Challenge

In this scenario, a State Public Service Commission in the southern region of India which is responsible for hiring government servants, deployed Qwizpad’s solution to conduct its recruitment examinations. Millions of students appear every year for the State Public Service Commission examination to secure a job in the government. In order to maintain an indisputable method of recruitment and churn out the best talent, this State Public Service Commission was faced with a challenge to roll out accurate results in a stipulated time frame and at the same time ensure high levels of transparency.

A viable option to meet this challenge was a digitized approach and adoption of a cheat proof software. The idea was to avoid malpractices in the recruitment process of government servants. This State Public Service Commission in its bid to make the process fool-proof then associated with Qwizpad to scan 1,700,000 OMR test sheets and generate results. This was a huge challenge as the results had to be announced in a short duration of few months. Qwizpad’s OMR software being image based, required a superior scanning machine producing quality images to generate error free results. This in turn, prompted Qwizpad to look out for high speed scanning solutions to deliver output of more than 70,000 sheets a day. With the company’s existing scanners not capable of delivering and scanning more than 70,000 OMR sheets a day, there arose a need for an integrated state-of-the art scanning solution which enabled high speed scanning as well as good paper handling capability.


With limited time on hand, good research and understanding, Qwizpad choose Kodak Alaris i3400 scanners and found them to be most compatible with its solutions. The Kodak Alaris’ scanners provided Qwizpad with the best image quality as well as processing. The i3400 scanners’ paper handling capacity helped process and scan 75,000 OMR sheets a day making the job swift. This also meant 90 sheets could be processed in a minute, speeding up the complete process manifold. With the Kodak Alaris scanners being extremely user friendly, there were less stoppages and paper jams, making it a very good proposition.


After deploying Kodak Alaris’ state-of-the-art i3400 scanners, Qwizpad was able to complete its task well within time.

  • The deployment of the i3400 scanners meant good image quality, image processing and less stoppage. Qwizpad completed scanning about 1,700,000 OMR sheets in a very short time frame.
  • Deployment of i3400 scanners reduced Qwizpad’s total cost of ownership immensely, as it processed OMR sheets significantly faster.

  • Where Qwizpad required ten scanners to do the work previously, they now required only three i3400 scanners to finish the task. This had a cumulative effect which has resulted in Qwizpad requiring lesser manpower to do the job, which meant lower operational costs and expenses.

  • The Kodak Alaris i3400 scanners’ compatibility with the OMR software resulted in strengthening the accuracy of the results. The reason being the OMR software feature, with no loophole for cheating, makes the end result accurate and perfect. To elucidate further, the process starts with scanning the OMR sheet and exposing the same, generating an encryption code which is then published making the code unchangeable.

  • Higher levels of productivity helped in reducing the time to complete the task.

  • Good image quality of the Kodak Alaris’ i3400 scanners in combination with the OMR software meant swift and faster evaluation of results.

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